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If The Boat Sinks, Just Use Your Hat

20 May


Tentatively off book, and blocked the second to the final scene tonight.

Tomorrow brings on the “big reveal.”

…Time to start thinking speed, clean-cuts, pointed asides, and play with the full register of vocal and body movements so we can find what we like and add it to the tool kit.

Head out of the book: it’s play time.

…Also getting the itch to start working with my hair design, after watching all those extraordinary wigs from “Mr. Selfridge” all weekend. 

Doing Gibson Girls of that range are incredibly difficult on yourself…not to mention exhausting on the arms, for all the reaching and pinning and curling and spraying and teasing and ratting required in order to build it.  Astonishing esthetic and silhouettes. Totally worth it.  Though, I should be mindful NOW, that I’ll be moving about ten pounds of hats and hair around while onstage with me at all times, which will make fast turns, and certain postures, pretty impossible.

…Dearest Jack is about 6’2″…(which might as well be 7’9″ for all that height will mean in our love scenes.) I shall be getting quite familiar with his belly button, in future, I suppose…as looking up that high, without a hair-and-hat land-slide, will be damn near impossible.

Lucky for our ever-so-great grandmothers, they grew the men shorter in those days.

…But even still, they must have had necks of steel by age 30.

…Presumably to match their rib cages.

In Other News: Began second trailer today.

…Which reminded me that I hadn’t shown you the first one yet.

…So, here:

In the meantime, I think I’m off for some hot tea and a bit of a read.


Press Corruption

27 Feb


This has nothing to do with buy-outs and palm-greasing of the Journalist trade, and everything to do with pimping out a product.

…Yesterday’s blog got high numbers of interest, so thought you might enjoy a little more on the the realm of Theatre PR.  It’s pretty basic in that you are trying to sell something that people don’t need, and make them pay money they often can’t afford, for something that lasts a maximum of three hours time.

…This is on the basics of course.  The cold, hard, sell-it-to-me facts. 

WE know that theatre is necessary and worth it, and lasts much longer than a fleeting instant, by the fact of how it commands your attention, and influences debates and conversations and emotions long after the curtain has gone down.  But before people get all emotionally invested in whatever it is they are about to see, you have to make them emotionally invested in what they are about to see.

…Yes. It’s sort of a “catch-22.”

Hollywood has been doing this with entertainment for over 100 years.  They found the best ways to corrupt your feelings and pocket book, and continue to tweak them infinitely in new combos and patterns and trends in order to keep up the good work.  It only makes sense for theatre to follow in their footsteps and do the same thing: so we do. 

…We slobber posters all over everything, invent catchy tag-lines, print out postcards and flood the market in bookstores, local businesses, and home addresses, flip out bookmarks, bulk-mail season flyers, tweet about rehearsals, FB “special deals, ” sell random tchotchkes, email campaign your inboxes, and stick ads on every theatre callboard, newspaper, community calendar, radio station, and even craigslist.  We are not too proud to do anything.  Hell, give us a sandwich board and a hot dog suit made of felt, and we’d use that too!

…The point is: theatre only works if you have people come to it.  Tickets are often upwards of twice the price of a Friday night trip to the movie theatre, and it is limited in the special effects and able-to-get-up-any-time-you-want-to-go-pee option. Also, a lot of time, you’re going out on a limb in content, by unrecognizable actors, and plots you’ve never heard of.

I’ll give you all that.

…But it is also my job to get your butt in the seat and watch it anyway. It’s my job as an Actor. It’s my job as a person of theatre. It’s my job as part of a PR team. So here is how I do my share: trailers.

Trailers are the sweet-spot of instant info and emotional investment you can use on unsuspecting patrons. In 2-4 minutes, you can give them history, plot, characters, emotional content, themes, a good cry when needed, and production dates, times, and ticket info. It’s short. The music will help set a perfect mood. And they can share it with others. When I go on a full-run campaign, I usually mix it up with an initial teaser with history of the show and content, to educate…followed by another trailer by Opening to light a flame under their asses more specifically, followed by a review quote-filled one telling them why they should all go buy tickets now because the damn this is just too goddamn amazing to miss…followed by a “one more week and you’ll have missed it, and then won’t YOU just feel like a schmo?” hit.

…And: it works.

People will talk about them. People will share them. It can go viral on FB, and be sent in newsletters and general emails…and it answers the question of WHY a person should buy a ticket, WHAT they are in for, and WHERE the show once came from. So here are a few as examples…just to wet your whistle:


First: The Teasers:

Opening Week:



Words, Words, Words

5 Dec


Back to hitting lines again. 

Didn’t I just finish that?

…Also, I’ve lost my recorder.  I mean “lost” lost it…as in I’ve torn apart my house, my office, the car and every bag I own.  No-go.  So somewhere, there’s a load of digital files on a thingy, spouting Shakespeare. I hope whoever finds it at least gains some culture along the way.

…Meanwhile, I’ve had to go back to the “old fashioned” way of doing these things, by typing out all m’damn cues long-hand, and reading and reciting while pacing back and forth, in one-sided cursings, like a turrets victim. At some point, when I have extra funds, I’ll reinvest in a recorder again. But for now, it’s just not on the list of things I need to take care of: like power bills and car payments and keeping my cell phone in working order.

So far, so good.

…Am off book with Act 2, and half of Act 3 (though not the break-down part.) Haven’t even touched Act 1…but that’s fine, as we haven’t blocked it yet, and review this weekend is on the junk I’m currently working on.

…Am looking forward the most, (at the moment), to meeting my “Aunt Lilly”…an acting partner I’ll be depending hugely on in scene-sharing. Have seen her work before in one other show, and she comes highly recommended as good people to play with, by people in the know. So, though she is off busily Directing and Opening “Annie” this week, I am not really nervous that our time-clock is ticking by, with nary a scene to show for it. I’m only anxious to play for “playing” sake. And by the end, I’ll prob’ly be buying her gross amounts of alcohol to make up for all the intense amounts of verbal abuse I’ll be spewing at her, ‘tween now and February.

Scripted abuse, that is. Let’s just make that perfectly clear.

In Other News: I’m running out of cold meds again, and have blown through about six boxes of kleenex in the past week-and-a-half. At least today was a slow one at the Brothel…


…This means we are frozen and can’t move any of our product via paper or digital print until they unseal us. Which worked out just fine for me. I spent the day building a teaser trailer for the show (currently in bumper edits now), blowing my nose, and drinking a pot and a half of coffee. My head was buzzing with an uber headache by the end there…one part due to staring so intensely at the editing software screen, and the other half from too much caffeine.

Home now, to clean some more.

My house is disgusting.

…Not on the surface, but a layer down. It’s creeping me out. But I keep running out of energy and have to rest ‘tween every chore. And don’t even get me started about cleaning-solution vapors.

Basically, this cold is making me a total slob.

…I know I won’t feel like shit, forever. A part of me realizes that this will eventually pass. And I have been rather busy, what with a job and working on two shows at the same time and all. But that doesn’t stop the fact that I still need to strip and change all my bedding, and hang the clean clothes sitting in the bag, (prob’ly now all germed up again), and put the dishes away, and sweep and mop, and Clorox-bomb the bathroom, and–

—Oh fuck it.

What if I at least hang my clothes and put on some new pillowcases? Will that work for now?

…We’ll say, “That works for now.”

…Then onto more lines…

…And at some point: maybe some dinner.

I feel a bowl of Cheerios comin’ on.


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