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Earnest At Number Three & Rising

1 Jul


For those interested in the ticket sales element of a small theatre, (and based on readership of the last such-themed post, there are a good handful of you out there), how ’bout some new numbers for yuh, coming out of the hottest weekend thus far of the year:

“Importance of Being Earnest” has some new boasting points in the weekly sales department, holding fast to their top-weekly numbers.  We are currently a little over $3,000 away from the number two slot, with weekly sales averaging at a little over $4,000 per. 

…Which means, holding to trends, we will outsell and replace the number two show, with change to spare, going into our final week of performances…with a  totally reachable leap ahead to gain the top-slot of the season.

The number one show this year is “Sherlock’s Last Case,” a smartly chosen, well reviewed jump on the current Sherlock bandwagon of popularity, thanks to various U.S. and BBC efforts.

…In a small house, “Sherlock” hit $20.3K in ultimate sales.  “Earnest,” though roughly $8,000 away from that, at present, has managed a higher consistent weekly sales average, handicapped in only one way that I can see of, between here and it’s goal:

Both productions, running five weeks, share the same number of performances at present. (Without extensions, which are still open option in our acting contracts, should the theatre sell out shows, or obtain a group full house buy-out.) “Sherlock,” however tapped into  the automatic “Agatha Christie”/Period Mystery fan-base this theatre has always been notorious for, as well as gaining viewership support from the local Sherlockian Society, and popularity from the new TV and movie re-launches.

…While “Earnest” competes with the weapon of only the notoriety of it’s author.

…And being where we are already in the standings, shows you just how freakin’ good Wilde actually is.

…Which means that considering our averages hold even at what they are…(when a sales bump usually occurs towards the end of a run, due to last minute word-of-mouth and especially repeat audience members bringing friends and family with them, as in our case), we are paced at present to actually do the previously unthinkable.

“Earnest” has all the trend projection of becoming the number one seller of the season, as well as it’s current top-weekly intake for the past two years.

What does this mean literally, in bucks?

Weekly Average Take: $4,065.40
Total Sales: $20,327.00

Weekly Average Take: $4,115.33
Total Sales Currently: $12,346.00
Total Sales Projected Per Averages By Show’s End: $20,576.66

I stand by the we’s Earnestly winning.

…Winning top slot without the help of Hollywood and BBC themed hype.  And winning with more overall profit to the theatre, as good ol’ Oscar is public domain, so zero performance rights will be paid off the top of the total take.

…Meaning this good old fashioned rivalry, (which I’ve totally made up), between the two shows, can ONLY help the theatre as a whole. 

Two GIANT sellers to bookend season #74…launching it all into a massively better place for budgets, payroll, and bill-paying for their 75th year of LIVE THEATRE! 

…Celebrating having given jobs to hundreds of actors, across multiple generations, and entertaining three-quarters-of-a-century of viewing patrons in it’s lifetime.

Theatre is alive and well, you guys.  It’s a fighter.  And it’s getting stronger all the time!

…Anyone else as stoked-out to hear that as I am?!


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