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A Win, By The Numbers!

24 Jun


Wanna know some awesome?

New stats just in for “Earnest:” 

…At the completion of our second weekend, we’ve pulled into the 4th highest grossing show of the season, (of 6.)  That is not trend sells, that is total box office.  Which means if “Earnest” closed today, we’d be 4th of the season.  We still have three weeks left of our run.

…Further fun?

We are #1 in weekly grossing ticket sales…not just of this year, but of the entire past two seasons.

This (of course) is due in large part to our killer reviews, brilliant designers, amazing direction, hands-on SM wizarding, and some pretty funny people on stage.

…And these numbers are something to be proud of, not ONLY because we’ve yet to even reach halfway into our run, but because Summer is a difficult theatre sell with all the blockbusters hitting the screens, people taking off on vacations, and everyone rather being out in the sun than anywhere else, that is not.  And also the fact that this is not a musical, features no children, and is a small cast.

…As an idea of house projections, for instance…(set by people who watch the trends year after year)…”Earnest” was set at a 38% ticket sell projection.  We are currently holding at a 70% average.

…Uber exciting news in numbers, buckage, AND (not least of all), hope for the future.  Because combining that with “Twelfth Night’s” ALSO surprise final numbers, proves that the classics are very much in healthy attendance and demand in the arts and theatre arena in the area at present.  SUCH a welcome piece of info for so many of us actors in the region.  Good solid scripts, good solid roles, proven over time.  Who could ask for anything more?  Especially with things like “Pride & Prejudice” coming up around the Holiday season.

…And as I finally finished the final press trailer (which posted today)…we can only hope a new bump in sales will follow, pushing us past our often quivering closeness to full-blown sell-out performances.

…Especially Thursday.  As it’s Actor’s Benefit.  And we are all poor.

(hint, hint)

Thanks to the friends and fam who have already come, to those who plan to, for the ones who will see it several times, and the ones who bring fresh blood with them when they do!

These are YOUR sales numbers too!  We couldn’t have done it without yuh 🙂


The Blog That Wasn’t

14 Jun


I’m nearly to my year of blog-a-days, and last night (for only the second time) posted naught.

It was Opening, guys…

…I was having fun…

…Marty came for catch ups…

…Post cast hang time at the Mexi-bar…

…Multiple house guests talking of Dr. Who and theatre in general until all hours…

…Passed out humans in various rooms, soon to follow.

In short: It didn’t happen, and I was having too much fun to regret it.

Here is its placeholder. 

“The Blog That Wasn’t”

A joyous cast killed over 5 minutes off the show time in pace, wound up all the one-liners neatly, tied up the ending with a bow, and got its first (stellar) review already on the internet, making the FB and other PR rounds as we speak.

…We are happy peeps.

…And now for a bit of a nap, before the end-of-year theatre patio BBQ and auction, (special entertainment by The Fella), with our (hopefully) sold-out second performance of Earnest to follow.

Huzzah and things!


Giant Janet McTeer

11 Mar


I’m on a new bender.

…It’s almost as good as alcohol.

Current obsession is now OFF the Holocaust and back ON the Brits. 

…This is due in large part to saving my sanity. And finally streaming Call the Midwife, (which everyone has told me I needed to have already watched six months ago, and only took me this long because it has to do with things medical, and I hate medical things.) 

Once I used up all my French and Saunders options by mid-weekend (together and separately), I decided to give it a “go” anyway. 

…And it’s fantastic.

…Which is a no-brainer when you immediately see in the opening credits that Heidi Thomas co-writes and produces it. (Goddess of Pen-and-Ink who gave us Cranford.)  The woman just has freak skilz in period pieces…I’m telling you.  It’s her, and Bill Gallagher’s work on Lark Rise to Candleford for best of the current adaptation artists, and Julian Fellowes for freakishly just inventing shit that seems like it was.

(Damn you Downton and your cocking cliff-hangers!)


…By late last night (aka very early this morning), I was travelling over to linked “suggestions” in my Netflix streamer, all of which I had seen before… popping me onto the Janet McTeer train with Songcatcher , which forced me back into Albert Nobbs, (a film she totally stole from Glenn Close, great pal, or not…) …filling in with supplemental YouTubing interviews, which lead to her theatre work, and haunting her ridiculously stellar reviews and character insights study time as Nora in A Dolls House (for which she won everything you can win in every country she played it in)…then phasing naturally into that one time she and Harriet Walter were the warring queens (literally) of West-End and Broadway.

…Which brought The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard, after work, slamming a shit-ton of her stuff onto my Amazon wishlist, and now coming a sort of odd full circle with Daphne.

…Which in the world of Kevin Bacon-law, links both McTeer, Lady Cora Crawley (née Elizabeth McGovern), a Julian Fellowes double hit via Geraldine Somerville (of Gosford Park fame), overt society excess, theatre, creative process, war, and the lavender leanings lifestyle, into a freak-world where all of my recent projects and obsessions eventually converge (like they almost always do.)

Its like swimming in a giant pool of irony.

On total accident.


…But awesome.

…And just goes to prove how totally influential my “teachers” are. Giant Janet McTeer amongst ’em.

…So…off now I go, to watch her 6’1″ Amazon frame, dwarf tiny Geraldine Somerville. As a most excellent Gertie Lawrence, in a shameless, camptastic display of everything-excess.

Ta-ta, kids.



11 Nov


First weekend in the can, and our audiences mercifully gained in participation presence more and more with each performance. 

…Today’s matinee (a usually notoriously quiet crowd) was all in on the hijinks and drama…our best house yet.  And with the closing of our opening week, also finish the reviewers…hopefully good write-ups in all, and put in ink by Friday at the latest, in order to help boost ticket sales through what is now projected to be a cold and wet stretch into Thanksgiving.

…Meanwhile, the next show on my audition docket began today with open calls, and should be cast before next Monday, a week from tomorrow.  A hell of a drama, with lots of meat to chew…and a good balance, after a comedy like this one.

Could be a busy winter, with some interesting theme-play. 

…Need time ‘tween now and Thursday’s show to review the other script again and study up a bit.  Switching gears, switching time periods, switching head-space.  It’s a good exercise.  But will mean I’ll have to do some line-runs of “Twelfth” before show time, just to keep m’brain clear on where we are in the current game.

Meanwhile: to rest from last night…a cast gathering into the wee smalls, where we eventually dropped like rag dolls to the floor until the smell of Starbuck’s coffee and bacon grease revived us to the land of the living, in time for our first matinee.  Our Fabian graciously hosted, we graciously ate, drank, played and laughed until our bodies gave out.  Five cups of coffee later, I can feel me coming down off the high now, post show, and hitting those four hours of sleep like a brick wall with little buffer.

…Which reminds me that sometimes it’s not the greatest idea to sleep on a floor the night before you wedge yourself back into a steel-ribbed corset for the ninth day in a row. 

Good to know.

Tonight: I’m back home. The heater blaring on high, the fish fed, the Shakespeare infusion of DVDs…having done their job…now being put back into their places on the bookshelves. I’m done feeding the beast of royal obsession on all things Bard, and am now free to move onto other things…like “Once,” (as Marty seems very insistent about.)

And tomorrow?  A free day off in the name of Veteran’s everywhere.  As if what they’ve already done for us wasn’t wonderful enough.  Think I’ll clean house, and fest some War flicks in dedication.  Maybe read that book I keep meaning to start.

…For now, some hot cocoa, I think. Snuggle up in m’blankets, and play with some Netflix streaming, until I zonk out.

Good plan.  Wonder how far I’ll get before I…

— Zzzzzzzz…


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