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He Can Benedict My Cumberbatch Any Day…

17 Jun


First: Ted & Allen & Stacy & Jim say “Hi.” 

…They’ve been bugging me to tell you for days now, and are monitoring my blog at this point. As they have threatened to procreate new spawn if I neglect to tell you “hello” this time, (and as they appear to be now major fixtures in my life), I thought keeping the peace would be the smarter way to go, on this.

…Also, a postcard just came in the mail today from Mrs. Johnson.

…Seems she’s taken a spur-of-the-moment puddle jumper to the islands for a quickie.  Cuz she’s a flipping harlot. Yet, for some reason, she felt inclined to send all her luggage ahead.  It is now being stored primarily in my belly, like a rising loaf of yeast bread, filling more and more pant space every day.

Super awesome, really.

Meanwhile, for m’first night off since Tech week, I started back up with my walks and wars with the Big Pink Ball.  Twenty minutes of Pilates and a six-mile trek was rewarded by a 3D date with my lover: Benedict Cumberbatch.  Star Trek.  Was super.  He was super-er. 

…That voice and his ridiculous elegance of stature (and general yumminess) makes me want to very bad things, very well…if you get what I mean. 

…Because I am always so subtle that I often doubt that you do.

(I mean: sex.)

…And in other “meanwhiles,” I have about a week’s worth of blog subscriptions I haven’t read, so am going to go now and do that.

…Because supporting the Arts is important!

…And so is stalking.


Traffic Hell

28 Mar


Am bumper-to-bumper, in southbound 5pm traffic. Enroute to the family farm, where some of the California us’s are staying the night…a surprise visit from outta nowhere.

…It is without a doubt the worst possible time to be on the freeway. Wiith the possible exception of this time tomorrow. But it is a total freak coincidence that I don’t have rehearsal tonight. I can’t pass up on free fam BBQs the one time of ever that I’m actually open to go to one.

…So here I sit.

…Killing time.

…Sandwiched tween a guy in an Audi who keeps picking his nose, a Subaru sedan with 11 people packed into it like a clown car, and a semi.

Along we crawl.

At this rate, I’ll get there in about 8 hours.

…At which point, there better be potato salad left. Or there will be words!

There will be words.


Crib Of Books

14 Jan


Am watching “Person of Interest,”  with the same enthusiasm as a chain smoker sporting a carton of Marlboro’s. 

It’s a little ridiculous.  

…Crushing hard on the writing and plots and formulas and quirks.  The actors ain’t bad either 😉

Currently being killed by the “baby” episode, where two suits change diapers, build a crib out of books, take her on stake-outs in a snuggle-buddy, accidentally lose her and find her playing with smoke grenades, then bicker like a married couple about it.

It’s only like, the best thing ever, is all.

…The other “best thing ever” is catching up with The BFF via IM, while trading episode quotes with JM about the show, and wearing sweats, with m’feet up for the first night in…well…a long while.

No rehearsal. No tech. No lines to learn. Nowhere I need to be.

…I’m not crazy about all that as a full-time gig, but I’ll happily take it every once in a while. A rest is good. For my brains. And at some point, I need to get back into the Yoga regime again. Actually: tonight. Tonight, I’m gonna get back into the Yoga regime. A good 30 minute session before bed, I think. Sweat out all the past week worth of residual emo “stuffs” that DIDN’T get all snotted out…take a long shower, and start getting some better sleep.

Not great lately, to be truthful. But I blame car and financial stress at least as much as the show.

It’ll be good to get more centered again.

So here’s to that.


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