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Yippie Ki-Yay Mother F&$*%#

22 Jul


Tonight: Marty times with Bruce the horse-dog, Die Hard, every kind of chip and dip known to mankind, and the Black Eyed Peas.  Mostly, this:

Coincidentally, I feel uber badass right now.

…Almost as badass as Bruce Willis.  But not quite.  No one is.  Even at age a hundred-and-something (in non-Hollywood years, also known as “close to 60”) in Red 2, I’d totally hit that.


Who WOULDN’T wanna ride that ride?

(Shut up boys, you so do too.  He’s on your top five “free-bee” list, we already know it…cuz he’s on EVERYONES.)

…It only really gets awkward when Alan Rickman joins him on screen.  Cuz then it turns into a kind of sexual potato chip war: You can’t have just ONE.  Good God, there’s far too much deliciousness hanging around for that kind of nonsense.  Have ALL the chips!  In all their suited-up, sweat-drenched, faux German accented, bleeding feet, bouncy eighty’s hair best!  Have it ALL!

…And then bust out to the Spike Mix, all the way home.

THIS is the way to kill a Monday, friends.  In a skyscraper, in LA, on Christmas…Beethoven’s Ode de Joy mix-taping with hip hop in strange perfect harmony.  Like Rickman and Willis will be, forever and ever, amen.


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