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Free Day

23 Mar


Slept in.



Double-fisting coffee and hot cocoa.

Country potatoes and a breakfast scramble.

More BBC.

Yarn balling.

Dyed hair.

…And part of my forehead.


Long drive to peninsula.

Swedish pastry cookies.

Lunch by the water. 

Salad with almond slivers.

Fanta orange.

Why do I love it so much?


More BBC.

Next series.

(Killed the last one.)

Want salt.

Other than in a shaker, I have none.

Crochet some more to  keep my mind off it.

Two fingers of gin.

Bombay Sapphire.



…Poured out in a Casablanca glass.

Remember I forgot to blog.

Hope bullet updates fill up enough space to make it look like I actually wrote something today.

Know that this is lame, and admit it.

Sip on my gin.

…Always reminds me of Christmas. 

It’s like drinking a pine tree.

But in a good way.

…In a good way?

Consider washing face so can move this all into my bed.

No, you can’t come.

Get your mind outta the gutter.

It’s ALWAYS in the gutter.

…And lets be real: this is why we are friends.




18 Mar


Hand cramp galore.

…Band Aid fingers…from crochet needle wear and tear.

Eyes wigging out with forced focus change: TV to my fingers.

Must finish this row and go to sleep.


A Quickie

17 Mar


Game night: success.

…More crocheting.

Visiting old friends in Lark Rise.

I’ve taken the entire blanket piece from yesterday apart, to get the edges right, and am learning more about the stitch options by playing. Think I’ll try adding three knot and shells into the next one. 

Fighting going to bed.  Don’t want to. Makes tomorrow come.




Yarn Juggling

16 Mar


I’m one ball down.

…The edges aren’t great, but the simple pattern is coming along. 

…It’s a learning curve.

Bug-eyed and cramped-handed…I’m sorta glad I finally ran out of yarn.  Being obsessive about this could have ruined sleep for the entire weekend if let.

So it goes.  M’first crocheting effort:


…Soon to be a lap blanket. 


Courtesy of Crochet-Goddess Marty 🙂


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