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The One Where Seattle Is Just Awesome…

3 Feb


So, I dunno much about football, but I do know theatre.  Yesterday’s Superbowl was like the equivalent of opening “Spiderman: The Musical,” for the Broncos.

…You could almost feel sorry for them.


Since I am a CA transplant, I would have once upon a time been auto-assigned as a Broncos fan, had I not been living here already for 14 years come March.  Going by the, “if you’ve lived here ten years or longer, this is now your hometown” rule, I am officially a Seattle fan. 

…Even if I don’t understand most of the rules of the game.

…Or why they chose to do this play here.  Or how “this” way wins you two points, “this” way wins you seven, and “this” way wins you a bonus one…or why.

Frankly, I still think they make half the shit up as they go along, however…I do have basic instinct, and the ability to yell at people.  So knowing, “we wanna run that way,” and “not let them go here” is all you really need, in the end, to get into a sport whose plays last less than 2 seconds on average, and end up on slow motion repeat five times or more afterward, before the next one takes place. 

…Something like 60 minutes of actual play time across four hours of “game.”

That’s like stretching a TV episode to the length of “Hamlet”…

…But, you know…if that’s your thing, have at it!

Yesterday was YOUR Opening Night, football fans!

Your teams trained for months, through soft openings on the road, polishing your production values to a fine point, so that by last night’s Gala: There you stood, with what felt like the whole world watching, ready to puke with nerves and hoping to God that you would remember your lines.

…Which only makes it worse when 12 seconds into the performance, one of you trips and falls off the stage.

…And sorta just stays down there…

…In the pit…


…Cuz you can’t find the stairs.

…Meanwhile, leaving your costar to go on and win the Tony.

(And prob’ly Oscar too, when they make it into a movie.)

In short: Everyone has had a “bad Opening”…but yesterday’s Bronco Superbowl game, was roughly about as ridiculously bad as this, were it done in total earnest, costing around $470 million to produce, seen by 108.4 million people, with the cast making $49,000 per person, for a one-time performance…just for getting there.

…And THAT is from the perspective of a person who had (until yesterday) never even seen more than fifteen minutes of a football game, in their entire life.

The end.


And, Curtain.

14 Jul


“Earnest” has been stripped, unscrewed from the floors, dislocated from the window bracings…our clothes (still on hangers) were loaded up into the back of a car trunk with all the finality of a coffin lid closing. No more props tables, or muffins and cucumber sandwiches…no more pictures and well-wishing notes on the dressing room walls.

…No more dressing room walls, period. 

They don’t belong to us anymore. 

…They’ve now been bequeathed to the next guys, along with that “every theatre in the world” smell…that aroma mix of sawdust, mothballs, sweat, hot lamps, old masking blacks, paint, Ben Nye face base, and hairspray.

The sense of a full life lived, kept us at peace with it all, though…as all the deconstructing began, directly after bows.  We HAD actually won the first bet and sold out the house, the audience was riled and ready to laugh, and our Director was back in the house…coming full circle to how this whole adventure had begun ages and ages ago, once upon a time, in a rehearsal room. With all that in mind, all the last reserve of anything we had left, was pumped into the performance with that extra zing that only Openings and Closings, have.


…But before we could get lost in a thick quicksand of regrets, we were off to the stage to work and play, followed by a delight of a cast party hosted by our Lane (and the Mrs.), where much food and drink was consumed, (garden party style) and Croquet and Cards Against Humanity was played.

Sick amounts of laughter can make you forget almost anything.

…Like the fact that next Friday, we’ve no “home” to go to, no costumes to put on, no lines to say.

…It’ll be just an average, ordinary day.

Actor’s don’t really know what to do with those kind of things.

…So it’s good I have a “next” to focus on, at that point.  Not that it will be easy to redirect towards.

For now: my theatre FB header and profile pic will stay the same.  I’ve no interest in making an alteration any time soon.  Where before, these things were a press and advertising nod, now it has become a look back on good collaborative work, during an excellent summer run, with a happy company of Anglophiles.

Thanks, friends, for taking the creative blog journey with me while we did it.

Also, “Huzzah!” for bets won.

Goodbye, dearest Gwendolen Fairfax and all the rest…

…And thanks to Oscar, for the Wilde ride.



8 Jun

Costume parade and Q2Q, followed by post-rehearsal eats.

Tomorrow’s call is 10am…which in my case, includes both hair and makeup as there isn’t enough time or room to do them at the theatre.

Costumes worked well, final alterations and stitches being made tonight…super excited that my first act jacket that was quite snug a month ago in fitting, has ample arm and shoulder room now…thanks to the Pilates ball.

…My South Carolina flown-in Moire skirt material looks like a million bucks under the stage lights (so I’m told, perspective is rather skewed from where I stand, being in it.)

…Everyone looks so smart, its ridiculous.

All the stops were really brought out for this one in the costume department, and it has dotted the “I’s” and crossed all the “T’s” in the final definition of who these people are, what they care about, and the intent of things to follow. So much rich color, and everything dripping with excess of layers, that it’s good we weren’t given them three weeks ago, else we might have just stood there and let all the clothes and lines do all the work.

…Really, I feel by merely arriving on stage, 9/10th of my job is already done for me.

…And it’s good to have that kind of creative team on your side.

Not that we are going to go all limp now…we’ve got just as hard a climb ahead to keep up with how good it all looks and not let the show “wear” us, instead of using it as a tool. We’re good for it though. And I can’t wait to see what some of the physical flirtations and flourishes look like with the added silks and satins, beads and buckles, hats and handbags, being brough into the game.

Tomorrow: first dress.

…And now, this Gwendolen is off for a bit of a read, and some beauty sleep.

One must look one’s best for an interview with Earnest.


I Have To Go Be 16 Now…

30 May


Regardless of the post-rehearsal double Long Island making me want to curl up into a ball under the covers and produce a lot of “Z’s”…I am here serving my devotion to you by my nightly blog.

…Because a promise is a promise.

…But a book is also a book and I have three new ones to take in, right now, courtesy of Dame Builder, who I’m playing teenage swappies with.  I loaned her the film, she loaned me the books, and together (though separately), we are feeding one another’s teenage angst and bubble-gum yearnings in the “Beautiful Creatures” department.

I want to be completely honest and say, “I really just wanna go get buried in one right now, no offence to all the yous.”

Had a full day, rehearsal was successful in being rehearsal-like, and we post-funk as a cast, like professionals. 

No big surprise there.

…So now it’s off to face-washings and some ridiculous southern-gothic sci-fi.


(Also, it’s almost Friday. Another “Huzzah!”)

Now: onto virtual cupcakes of happy “Yay!”


On Fire

23 Apr


I’m running a temperature so high, I could prob’ly burst combustible  things into flame within 3 feet of me. 

…And my throat hurts.

…And my nose is all stuffy.

This all happened within the last three hours or so.

Until now I have made it through half the castie colds, and people’s at work successfully.  Even the ones I mack on and share sweat with, on stage.

I am on my 3rd Airborn before finally going to bed.

I refuse to have a cold on my fucking birthday.

…Or the entire final week of  the show.

…Or the auditions for the next one.

But I will admit, that at the moment, I feel like total crud.

…Which will be magically fixed by morning.

…Because I say so.

My skin hurts.

I want my pillow.

…At least the Airborn is the orange kind.

Like Tang.

…So I can be like a famous space-exploring astronaut.

…In my cold-med, drug-induced dreams.

So, suck it: cold!

I’ll be all moon walking in a minute! And you can’t come!


Tech Begins

5 Jan


Hello civilians, it’s the morning of Boot Camp…aka: Q-to-Q.

Hell Week is now officially upon us once again…turning the entire theatre into a film set.

…Everyone but Tech, does a shit-ton of sitting and standing around waiting while that light gets refocused, this sound cue is timed out, furnishings are set, spiked, re-set, entrances are taken over and over again, and everyone forgets their lines because we do things like jump three pages on a “go” with an instant cue where if you fuck it up, everything has to re-set at their marks with sound, actors and lights, to do it again.  So of course you screw it up, and the tech people try not to be bitchy to you, even though last night at dry tech everything worked out perfectly and the show would obviously be infinitely better if one could figure out how to do it all without the actors.

True story.

…To top it off, the entire cast family that was able, thence motored to eats at the local Applebees, where worlds collided and we bonded…the younger peoples giving far too many “awesome points” to their elders as we talked shop, jewelry, acting, general “life” matters, and bogarting all the nacho cheese sauce.

(The Redhead wins.)

…Meanwhile, the “adults” rapidly lost “coolness” as the evening progressed, whilst prob’ly voicing inappropriate statements at random…which we just tossed up to being, “the same liberal education that we were raised on, and it didn’t hurt us any!”

Welcome to the theatre, kids.

Four Long Islands later, I’m gonna go to bed now.

To our table of lovelies: judge us with compassion. We meant well.

…Also…(no shit)…we are uber proud of you, kicking ass and taking names on that stage, nightly. And we can’t wait for people to see your work in this whole new light.

Shutting up, and going to bed now…


Displaced Stuffs & A Happy Christmas!

25 Dec


Playing with all my new toys, and finding homes for them around the house. 

…This is no small feat as my little home is already jam-packed, and in some cases a little displacement has had to take place. This always takes twice as long as it prob’ly does for other people, because changing things around makes me second guess the new options. I know I need to just make a choice and leave them till I get used to it…which won’t be for several days…but I keep getting all impatient and shift and re-shift them endlessly.

…Two and a half hours later, my brain is so “done,” you guys.

…Meanwhile, tomorrow am back to work, then home to strike the decorations on account that rehearsals this week need me to. I need enough time to clean  before the small New Years party Marty has nominated me to hold for all us cast adults. We’ll be too busy working scenes on the night of, and not enough time after to dress and get anywhere else afterwards.

Am uncommonly excited about it 🙂 

…No better way I can think to usher in the next year than with a bunch of family, after spending an evening doing something I love.

The bar is stocked.

Marty is floating food ideas in her head.

…And I can only do so much futzing ‘tween now and then, what with a full work schedule ahead.

Sitting here now with “Bells of St. Mary’s” on, sipping some Ceylon Orange tea, trying to calm my brain a bit as I gawk at Bergman’s face, roughly the size of my own, looking back as me from a new significantly larger TV screen. In fact, I keep getting sucked into it and forgetting that I’m s’posed to be writing something.

…I love you and all…but Bergman close-ups outrank you.

Don’t feel bad.

…They outrank pert near every person who has ever breathed.

And that’s the truth.

Ask anyone.


P.S. Incidentally…in this last hour of Christmas, you should totally watch this:

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