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Real Talk Blog, In Bar

31 Oct


A Halloween drink with some of the casties, post rehearsal. We are the youngest people in the place by at least¬† four decades…because younger people are at real parties right now.

…You may have a slutty pumpkin, or whorish wench giving you a blowjob right now, but we are makin time with septugenarians in lederhosen singin’ standards. Snap!

…None of us (of course) are wearing costumes…’cept Marty. She’s got 8-year-old boy Captain America underwear on the outside of her leggings. She’s been a big hit. With me in my corset, we decided we were a theme couple called, “Tits & Ass.”

…I feel compelled to let you know that the comic book underwear, never previously belonged to an 8-year-old boy. They were bought new…and sorta cut off her circulation a bit…cuz did you know…she’s a grown woman? I try to keep that on the downlow. It’s more fun.

(Sips my bad burgundy wine as a tone deaf woman of a certain age sings “When You’re Good To Mama,” from Chicago…with all the bump and grinds)

… I can’t even believe I’m ignoring everyone right now to blog with two-finger thumb punches on my phone app. Always remember, I love you this much. My dedication is pure.

Hope your holiday was hot as hell, kids ūüėČ


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