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Haunting Silence

7 Jul


Killer audience today, many family-friends in the house, with delightful eats after.

…And then: silence.

The silentist kind of silence. 

…The kind that comes after a week of non-stop comings and goings, with BFFs and a house full of people eating, drinking, playing, and sleeping wherever they could find a perch, with shows in between to keep us honest, fourth of July Holidays, cast teas, birthdays and more.

I was fine for about two hours, then started wigging.

…Silence after that much action, and noise, after that many humans have crammed in all around you, is weird and unsettling.  Tried to read, but it didn’t take.  Movie helped a bit, a Cecily invasion, helped more. 

…And now, far passed the time I was planning on, am finally in bed.  Instead of tossing and turning, the chat times will give me better sleeps for the fact that I’ve chased the ghosts away from the house, with laughter, and it doesn’t feel as empty and final as it did coming home to the FB mssg that The BFF and Fella had landed in New Orleans, and the ‘ventrue has begun…over there.

…Meantime, I do have my Earnest fam, and  tomorrow around noon, a meet-up for a sort of Q and A with our Director’s College class (who were in the audience today.) So: things to look forward to.  Other than the fact that it is Monday. 

…And I haven’t gone to sleep yet.

Retro-activate date sequence now: and…”go!”


Truffles vs. The Whole Box Of Chocolate

28 Jun


Just a sick, ridiculously intoxicating audience for tonight’s Actor’s PWYC performance.

…The crowd (made up largely of students), were beyond anything we’ve had before in response.  (And our audiences have not by any means been slackers in that field, to begin with.)

Tonight, it was like theatre on crack.

Intensely interactive…to the point of distraction.  We loved it (do NOT misunderstand me), but with that kind of energy whipping you up, the adrenaline high coming off of it is like an orgasm, sustained across two hours.

…Imagine that for just a second. 

…Now put you on stage while it happens.

…A bit distracting, no?

The trick is to breathe, and center oneself.  Focus on your fellow actors and not get sucked into the tractor-beam of light pulling you out of the show you have rehearsed and falling for the, “If they like it with a little sauce, what if I add a shit-ton extra?” bit. 

…Lets see if I can settle on a metaphor, here.  Feel like I’m running in five directions at once.

It is SO incredibly easy to cater to an audience like this, and feed them more of what they want.  Takes discipline to say “No, I DON’T want this full box of chocolates, I’m perfectly content with these finely made few truffles.”

…”Truffles” are good

“Truffles” are made with care and precision and the finer ingredients that experience has taught you will provide the richest, creamiest, most delectable bite. Every time.  “Truffles” are individule flavors of delicate perfection.

…Whereas an ordinary “box of chocolates” can be of any grade, in any brand, so long as they “go together.”

Sure, they’re tasty, but not as rich, and concentrated.  Not nearly as sinfully decadent.

…And Oscar deserves nothing less than our best.

So we did ours.

…And the audience did theres.

…And we all played together, and nibbled at goodnesses, and had a hell of a time!

Seriously.  I have no idea how in the hell I’m even gonna sleep tonight.  Adrenaline rush, like woa.

…But at some point, I will. 

And get to wake up tomorrow and go work at it all over again. 

…With m’friends.


Thanks, you PWYC nutters!  It was a hell of a ride tonight.


She Needed A Weekend Off, After The Weekend

20 Jan


Here’s the deal: you know how you get off on Friday night, heave a sigh of relief, and go have a beer (or 8) while hanging out and just “being” for two days…then Monday comes around and you grumble, as you get ready for work?

…Actors don’t get, “weekends.” 

We don’t really get “Holidays” even. 

…When the normal humans of the world are just starting to launch into a little well-earned R &R, WE are just starting the second part of the rest of our work week.

Rehearsals. Techs. Performances. Fight calls. Show prep. Hairdressing. Makeup. Warm-ups. Line-runs. Prop-checks. Bathroom share negotiations. Smoke-breaks. Nerve-shakes.

…Then add in a super-special-secret-awesome-BFF surprise…and you subtract even more sleep automatically…which is 3000% totally worth it…plus Sunday talk-backs, and post-show de-funks…then remind yourself that you promised a blog of some decent amount after two days of side-burnering it…and you have me: bleary-eyed, punching at my keyboard with little (if any) thought filter left at all.

I am tired.  To put it bluntly. 

I took all the “life ” that was offered to me this weekend, and used the flying fuck out of it.  Down to the absolute last drop.  And now I’m sitting here at 9:30 p.m., in my PJ’s, with a body and brain that is insisting it is actually 6 in the morning tomorrow already…because I am so not looking forward to the anti-energy I have to face that moment, that I’m already regretting it.

…Does that make sense to anyone?

…The insomniacs will get it, if no one else does.

…Anyway, with all that does come the satisfaction of a hard job, well done.

Our tickets sold 15% above projections this week, we’ve nearly broken even on full production cost with two weeks of performances left, word-of-mouth is super solid, we’ve four stellar reviews from the critics, and we already can’t wait to hit the ground running again, come Thursday.

It’s weird to miss performing a show as disturbing as this. But we do.

…Which means it matters, and is satisfying work, and is punctuated with a sense of accomplishment at the end.

Everyone should be as lucky with their work and art.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to tell myself that it’s okay to be in bed right now…even as my house has post-party residuals peppered all over the place in every single room.

The pick-up can wait.

I’ve earned a rest…an early feel of pillow at my cheek, and lights out, while maybe Netflixing something easy and happy and good until I conk out completely.

…Which will prob’ly be within the next five minutes.

I’ve earned these seconds of quiet, restful, peace.

…And so have my partners in crime.

Love you guys.

Happy end-of-weekend to you, friends.


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