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Don’t Forget: It’s An Honor Just To Be Nominated

17 Nov


It’s regional BroadwayWorld.com voting time again!  The Seattle nominees have just started the web-rounds and are being picked up, voted on, and passed on by like half of my FB contingent. 

(Theatre Peeps, Unite!)

…Our Seattle division is made up of roughly 150  companies/groups/entities…and those are just the ones registered at our main theatre-hub on Theatre Puget Sound’s listing page. No doubt dozens of other companies exist as well…(for a fact I’ve worked with one not on their pages, which made in into the nominee rosters in several categories this year.)

…So I’m not a math person…but even at 150 companies doing 5 shows in a mainstage season (allowing for those with second-stages also running, to make up for the companies with less productions/special events/command performances, in a single season), that comes to 750 theatrical events…from the touring show big boy Paramount, and the Broadway Musical launcher 5th Ave…to tiny black box Stone Soup, and community theatres like 4th Wall Players.

…And the bulk of those shows include like…well…”actors” in a multiple number, usually…sure some starting with one, but a lot reaching to casts in the 10’s, 20’s, 30’s and sometimes above.

…So when you put it like that…even an average number of 750 productions with only two actors per show (say like doing “Educating Rita” for instance *wink, wink*) …is 1500 artists…and it usually takes a hell of lot more than just two people to do a show.  

…Which isn’t even getting into the Tech Design teams and Directors.

So keep this in mind for a second:

For this season, if you’ve been nominated as an Actor in a play or musical, up against thousands and thousands of other performers…you got enough cold vote write-ins to place you in one (or more) of only 13 categories (50% each sex + one unisex “Person to Watch” slot.)

…If you’re a Director, you’ve made it into 1 or more of only 2 categories.

…In Costume, Choreography, Lighting, and Scenic Design…you get 1 category each.

…In Music/Sound…3.

…In Writing and Best Production…2.

…In Best Event and Theatre…1.

…So, I mean…whatever the tallys end up being…I just wanna say:

“Congra-tu-fucking-lations to all my friends and theatre compatriots in crime for making the lists this year! It IS a big deal…it IS an honor to be nominated.  With the talent-goods we’ve got in this region, every vote of confidence which put you on that list to begin with, is really something!”

…Thanks for sharing your scenes and stages with me, O talented ones 🙂

Happy voting, all!

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