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Insane Wisdom & Adorkableness

14 Jun


My bottom left wisdom tooth has been driving me to the brink of insanity for the past three days.

…Actually, today is tolerable. The last two weren’t. Today it has downsized to annoying aches, which is a giant downgrade from the constant throbbing want-to-smash-my-head-into-a-wall-to-stop-the-pain, of where I have been. A LOT of Advil has been forced through my body, as well as many goops of Orajel. Monstrous goops. Essentially, I have no feeling (or taste buds) on half my face. Which I’m strangely okay with, vs the alternative.

… Because I refuse to go in and get this bastard taken out right now. Because they will want to take ALL of them out. And then, there will go all of my London bucks. And that shit just ain’t happening.

… At least I can say that at the moment, (due to finally getting some sleep last night.) Yesterday at around four p.m., I was contemplating oral surgery as a less painful “out” on account that these aren’t easy extraction teeth as they are growing weird… they’d have to drug me to the point of no longer feeling pain for some odd hours…which would be a first for several days now. And even with hospital anxiety, and a giant wave of pain to follow, I was seriously considering it. Because “now” is always more pertinent than “later.”

… But then, today, it was less horrid. Which fixes nothing, (I know), but if I can make it till mid November, at least I’ll be poor from fun, and have had a trip to look back on, rather than poor from teeth with nothing to look back on but stitches and more holes in my face.

It’s about perspective.

Mine, right now, needs to live in happy, hopeful places. So I am pushing that as much as humanly possible. A little too much food-happiness has been involved lately, leading to too much bottom and thigh happiness…but with a screaming mouth of pain, that should pull back some, and voila: balance will be restored.

… Have also been attempting to focus on only light and passive viewing and readership this week (after several weeks of intense historical and political gigs.) It’s all about simplicity, with adorkable things like “New Girl” Netflixing. Because: it’s easy. And I need something that is, right now.

… Even watching a person who is my literal age, with crazy Powerpuff Girl eyes, strange 70-year-old-woman-meets-kindergartener fashion sense, who crafts with construction paper for adult pleasure, and makes up songs about wildlife. It seems to make her happy. Which makes me laugh. (Frequently: out loud, for reasons I’m still not really sure about.) So we both win.

…And I can give myself a bit of a reprieve from election crap and horrible Orlando happenings, which seem to only anger and stress me out more.

For now: I bow for our losses, and set up for some quiet brain-away time.

Peace, loves.


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