18 Sep


Omigod you guys! I actually got sleep last night for like the first time in almost two weeks!!!!!!

…The Fitbit buzzed me out of dead sleep this morning, which naturally made me want to rip it off my arm and hurl it across the room (for soooo not the first time), but then I realized why I was mad and sorta wanted to burst into tears.

…Of joy, this time.

….Which is a happy change, yes??

…Anywho, one night’s sleep may not two-weeks cure-all, but it doesn’t freakin hurt. Even stuck at the office alone with all the usual constant fire-customer-bullshit is more easy to choke down, with a semi refueled tank.

(Giant sigh)

After tonight’s rehearsal, I’ll have an entire actual day and night off tomorrow…wherein I vow to put all stressful necessities aside, and instead, party my damn ass off….at a friend-wedding so conveniently placed on the schedule…I really sorta feel like I personally owe them.

…I mean, I do, but I mean more than just “people who support you when you really freakin need it,” and a wedding gift.

…I’m thinkin something along the lines of a fully-paid week in the Tropics. You know…if I were other than me and all wealthy and shit.

…Anyway, to them I say: “Thank you for making a lifelong commitment to one another at this particular time. It’s really super convenient to me.”

(My friends. You guys…they just excel at all the things…)

…So! A wedding! That means girl clothes! Like that used-to-be “skinny” dress which is also now “too big for me.” But it’s the closest I’ve got, so I’m freakin doin it!

…Hell, I’ll even shave my legs! Breaking all depression anti-self-care tradition! Lookit me: all Rebel With A Cause, and shit!

…And speaking of legs: those new bruises are gonna look super hawt with heels. Like a cage-fighting pinup! I’m fucking fierce, y’all!

..P.S…I dunno how I gained them, exactly…(the bruises)…but I’ll bet it has something to do with flying on office rolley chairs in a fake dream sequence (like yuh do.) Cuz that’s how our choreography rollz, people.

(…get it? “Rollz”…)

…In fact, I dance more frequently on, around, and with a chair, than any human being.

…Which is prob’ly super wise on our Director and choreographer’s part. Perhaps there’s a cunning plan?

….Perhaps it’s ALL a “cunning plan.”

…And perhaps I need to wrap this up and eat something today. I’m clearly still fake-high loopy on restness. A little sleep and a shit-ton of coffee does not Wonder Woman, make.

….I’m pretty sure that’s a real saying.


2 Responses to “Enuf”

  1. victoriawebb@comcast.net September 18, 2015 at 2:09 pm #

    Fabulous! I’m so glad you got some sleep. Whatever you did to make this happen, keep doing it!!!!!!

    • She Writes A Little September 18, 2015 at 4:23 pm #

      I think just sheer exhaustion…but we’ll say it was proactive and get points for achievement!

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