Weak Trees & Sneezes

12 Nov


Am fighting a nose-cold.  

…It just showed up today and is affecting nothing else in my body but the nose.  Which is weird. Cuz every cold I get starts with a fever and goes straight for the chest.  But not this one.  This one aches not at all.  It doesn’t scratch, burn, or itch either.  In fact, if I could just remove my nose for the day and put it on that hanger over there, I wouldn’t even need this Sudafed at all.  And I wouldn’t be spending so much time worrying about what the nose-cold could morph into ‘tween now and all these auditions I’ve got lined up,  less than a week from now.

But none of those things are the case in fact.

…Know what is though? 

I have weak trees.  

…Like Tom Hanks in “The Money Pit.”  

…Granted, we had GIANT-FIERCE wind-gales last night.  But I mean…it wasn’t a hurricane for cripes sake. Or a frost.  Or a snowfall.  So it seems a little melodramatic to me that this tree, one door down from my walk-up, saw fit to uproot itself entirely over the whole thing.  

…At least it fell away from the cars instead of last winter’s snowstorm death-toll which felled like eight…just on our block alone…across multiple Jeeps, Subarus, Volvos, Mercedes, and Honda Civics at total random, without class distinction or insurance coverage. 

…Night, after night, after night. 

Our street is getting bald now.  And these weren’t new trees.  These were monster 80-year-plus bad-boys, with root balls bigger than the cars they fell on.

…In comparison, last night’s tree was a mere teenager. And yet, it made it through Snopocalypse 2013, so I don’t understand how some wind took it out so completely, overnight.

…That’s like my nose-cold making me go blind or something.


Now I’ve something ELSE to freak out about…


I need more tea.  

…So I can pee my nose-cold out before it gets dark outside and turns me blind. Or I die by over-exposure to my root ball. 

Like that damn tree.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another…



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