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Minion Afoul, Laughers Wanted

18 Sep


Lost my Minion today due to tinkle-test fail.  So, am back to square one.

…I have an office now, though…so there is something to be said in that.  It has that “new carpet” smell, battling the new paint high. Which, I mean, if the Minion was so keen on recreational substances, all she had to do was walk in the door and breathe deeply to get her daily fix…but nooooo.  Instead she has to totally screw me over, four days before Corporate walks through the door.

Swine Minions…

…Meanwhile, we are in the final days of tech at the theatre, performing to total silence.  I mean: total.  For several days now. So that’s a thing.  They’ve decided to “sneak peek” an invite-only group in tonight, just so we know what other people (besides us) sound like when they are laughing.

Assuming (of course) that they do.


…Which will lead us into Preview on Thursday: then Opening.

Not gonna lie…dead silence definitely does a number on your brain, when you KNOW there are people sitting there watching it.  Suddenly your start wondering if this whole thing is a bunk, full of inside jokes that no one will think are funny, or what.

…Perspective is shot.  I have no idea.  I hope people come tonight. I hope I mostly don’t know them. I hope they laugh.

This is where I am at people…basically waiting for something to go right in either sphere of life, so I can turn the tide over on the battle fronts. 

…But as Patton found out: it’s pert near impossible to win, spread between multiple fields of war.  I don’t have time or the luxury to choose which one to focus on, and relocate all my troops.  I ain’t GOT no troops. I’m the troop. 

Just gotta make it happen.

…And right now, as I regroup my brains for part-two of the day, I’ll lock up the office (and its non-occupied front desk), moving on to the other battle front:

Shower. Pincurl hair. Wig cap. Commute.  Do a show.

…And try to stay awake while I’m at it.

Let the rally call begin!

“BE FUNNY, DAMMIT!  BE! FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!”

The end.


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