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A Temporary Fix

5 Sep


A storm coming in.

…Lightening like mad, all the way home from rehearsal.

…Which was a mixed bag.

Gutted my office today, for the paint to start tomorrow.  Carpeting, supposedly as well.  Both things were to have been bought and delivered today, but they never arrived.  Boss could be half way to Havana with the stipend, for all I know. Have no idea at all what I’ll be walking into on Monday, but whatever it is, will be hosting interviews for a new minion.

…Yes, at last, for the first time in seven years, I will finally get someone to help do all the shit I’ve been doing.  “Finally,” in that I’m the only department with the last multi-million dollar contract, NOT to get someone to help them in the rise of daily duties.  It’s been just me.  Same as ever.

…But don’t get too excited about it.  This person is only on loan until November.  And only if we somehow survive this whole Big Brass Convention of 2013. And only cuz they still refuse to give me a pay raise.

This is my “compensation.”

Which means nothing. 

…Because getting them two weeks later than I was promised, means they will be trained in how to answer a phone and not much else, before people show up, poking their noses into all our shit and asking questions that said person will have no way of knowing.

Because I don’t have time to train a new person right now.  (Not that I have a computer, or desk or chair or place to put them, even if I did.) I’m doing half-a-million in open order contract sales, between Canada, Western and Eastern WA and Idaho, with five road shows between now and then.

…Oh, and putting the main offices together. And the new Warehouse ones. And dealing with the Utility room.  And the bathroom. And recruiting contractors.  And dealing with customers, in the meantime.

Honestly, I no longer have the mental resources to view this as anything but a set-up for failure.  Even if we do managed to salvage our jobs out of this whole ordeal, what we will have left (when it is all over) is still the same combo that ruined it in the first place.  Throwing good money after bad in an effort to make it all better, doesn’t work. 

Getting rid of Boss was the only viable solution. 

…With him still infecting the barrel, it really doesn’t matter how many times we empty it out and start with a new crop.  Rot is destined to set in again.

You can’t paint over, re-carpet, or de-germ “corruption,” people.

…Which is really unfortunate.  Cuz WHS Pimp and I totally had a contingency plan.  Back when we assumed the truth would set us free.

…You know…in the days of innocents, when all those rainbows shone from our asses while blue birds perched on our shoulders, singing songs of wonder with all their chipmunk friends, because SURELY if one knew the TRUTH about the circumstances of unabashed theft, and incompetence coming FROM Boss, one would want to fucking actually DO something about it.

Apparently: nope.

Good ol American ingenuity, ass-kissing, buddy-drinking, and buying a Vegas hooker with a company credit card, outranks sense, longevity, and hard work. 


So it be told to ye.

…Anyway.  To the person who wanted to know where we were in the “working world updates,” here yuh go.

Depressing, ain’t it?

See.  This is why I tried to shield you from it.  By talking about bubbly, and sex farce, and handcuff bruising.

Tell yuh what though, there’s one more tater tot on my plate. And you can have it.  If you want.

I find tater tots fix a whole lot of things. Temporarily. S’pecially “gross dissatisfaction” and “the grumps.”

Just ask my scale. 


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