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1 Sep


Have been awake since 6:30. I have no idea why.

…Thought I’d google my way back to sleep, but that didn’t work. Maybe a cup of some hot tea? Nope. 

Can’t even blame my neck I tweaked in rehearsal the other day, I have full rotation back now (finally) without grimacing every time I look left.

…Body is ache-n-painy, and a bit stiff, but that’s the norm morning-after-rehearsal on this show.  We are beating ourselves up pretty good over there, and yesterday’s work was slotted for eight hours of it.

Today: we have off.

…And no office work as well.

…Which means a total, legitimate, ACTUAL “Day Off.” So of course, I’ve popped awake by 6:30, for no reason, at all.

It’s pro’bly cuz I didn’t blog yesterday. On purpose. 

…At some point I need to let go a little…the commitment was complete a month ago, but still…every day…even when I’m busy and cranky and gloomy and tired and really don’t want to: I’ve blogged anyway.

It was an “out” I guess, and some of the time a forceful focus on something other than office-hell, but I’ve got other things I should be doing now.  Creative junk.  And line runs.  And bit work for scene stuff.  Not to mention the forty or fifty books that have been laying around in every room of my house, waiting for me to finally, FINALLY finish them.

Maybe I’ll do that today.

…See how the weather turns out.  If its cruddy: maybe hit up a bookstore cafe for a few hours.  If it’s nice: pop on some shades and ten gallons of SPF-3000, pack a blanket and some eats into the car, and go off to look for a patch of green somewhere to lay on, and finally finish one of these paper tombs I’ve been messing around with.

Course, it’s only just barely 8:00, now.  Even if it’s nice out, everything will still be all dew-damp n’ sluggy.  So I’ll have to wait a bit.

…And I might as well do that from bed, I suppose.

With a hot cocoa maybe, and this Hitchcock book, just sent me care of The BFF.


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