Indiscreet Ink – Week 2

22 Aug


First sip of alcohol all week.

…A lovely “red.”

Finally completing, (or at least getting to an appropriate stopping section) of this week’s writing lab, after a good rehearsal.

…It was nice to have my head there too, for the first time this week. 

Home: early, comparatively, it was back to the earbuds and my writing prompt, playing on loop back at me, until five or so minutes ago, when I reached a doable stopping place. 

Like much of this week, the effort produced was not my best.  But it is there, just the same. I worked for it.  Harder than other times, to be frank, given the circumstances.  But what I did gain was the cinematic feel for the movie in my head, which the short story was intending to tell.  I don’t know how it ends, but I know it should be longer, the mystery deepen before gaining ground in full understanding, and at some point we come to know who and what are whom and what and it isn’t at all who you think it was.

…Meanwhile, I worked hard enough this week, so figure it out in your OWN head.  I’m done.

And as it is passed Midnight, I getta pre-date the blog (started before that), and yet still include the writing link. 


**Click here to visit this week’s installment of “Indiscreet Ink”***

**Click here for LAST week’s installment**



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