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45 Cents

17 Jul


I really need it to have been payday, yesterday.

…The sad truth is that I’ve been on the grace period for my car loan payments since Monday, am just this side of tampon rationing, have stolen the travel sized toothpaste out of my theatre kit for real-life use, and my current capital worth is about 45 cents. In nickels.

…Luckily, I’m stocked up on TP and food.

As an actor, one learns (eventually) that this is the kind of life you should expect, NOT just as you struggle through your College student years…but, FOREVER.

…And because I don’t have a credit card, dealing in cash-only means never having that cushion of an ER fund to dip into, like normal people do.  When I say I have 45 cents, believe me: I have 45 cents.  And that is all.

…So, I’ll stretch that ’til Friday, at which time  I’ll need to pay all my bills but the rent, get Harriet’s oil changed, get a wedding present for Earnest, and purchase dairy, veg, and toiletries to make me human again.

…Till then: I’m just a poser…who jingles when she walks.


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