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Once More Unto The Breach

13 Jul


Tomorrow’s (or rather “today’s”) matinee completes the “Earnest” run, and most of us are pretty frankly bummed about that.  Even with other projects to do ahead of us.  Because this family had gotten tighter, funnier, and gained more sense of “play” between one another (on and off stage), than is the usual norm. 

…And also: the characters are brilliant, the writing is superb, and we look really good in our hats n’ togs.

But we do still get the one. 

…One more chance to play and work at our best, with the buddies we’ve made.  One more chance to find the sweet spot in that line, to get that beat we never got, to share the inside joke, to sit back and enjoy the boom of a laugh with the ending reveal.

…And the personal stuff will get that much more oompf as well. 

…The last building of hairstyle around that tri-corner hat.  One more proposal to squeeze out, the battle over tea and final hours of sisterhood with Cecily, one last proclamation of the “diary” aside, the  final execution of the Fairfax Flip…and much, much more.  A hundred tiny little moments I will never get to use again in the making up  of this so specific character.

A final hurrah, for this character as built, rehearsed, developed and performed across two months of life.

I completely refuse to NOT have a glorious time with my final hours in her shoes. She has been a total delight, and challenge, and I will never look at my resume, without a smile of grateful joy at the show’s title. 

…And far on the right, in bold, (under “character”): “Gwendolen Fairfax.” 

One more bucket list check: complete.

Am supremely glad I got the chance to meet her.  She’s a freakin’ kick.

…They all are.

…And you’ve ONE more chance meet them ALL…in Oscar’s awesome comedic  suite of joy…before they disappear for all of time.

Tomorrow at two.

Now you see us, Now you —


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