9 Jul


Fan blowing, hot today.

…Stuffed bell pepper for dinner, dyed the hairs, read some of the vibrator play.

It makes me miss The BFF…reminding me of the time we stayed up into the wee’s, swilling wine and guffawing over Mamet’s brilliant “Boston Marriage.”  Them was good times. 

…Though “In the Next Room” isn’t quite as magnificent in verbal texture, it is a fun read and I can clearly see it’s possibilities.  It’s the next piece that our dear Cecily will be going for, at UPS, for her Junior year.  An admirable choice, as nowhere else would it  ever be done in the area (due to content implications, alone.)

…Which is silly, when you think about it.

…Because Macbeth, Titus, Reservoir Dogs, Two Rooms, and Laramie Project have all been done this year…so: sex, violence and prejudice is fine…but God forbid the female orgasm!!

(I feel like that is so not the only time in history, that that sentence has been said.)

…Either way: it’s being done, and I will go see it when it is, whilst knee-deep in Jane Austen (one hopes), by then.

…Which is not meant to contain any sexual innuendo at all…only, I feel one must note this, given the topic.

Just to be safe.



3 Responses to “Free-Form”

  1. Cecilyn Fairdew July 10, 2013 at 2:35 am #

  2. Cecilyn Fairdew July 10, 2013 at 2:37 am #

    I hope you are *neck* deep in Austen by then.
    (Sexual innuendos welcomed)

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