Theatre Geek Talk: A Place-Holder

6 Jul


It is two a.m. and this topic deserves so much more than I can give it in my current mental circumstance.

…The BFF and The Fella are mere hours away from launch, a good performance of “Earnest” was secured, a company High Tea was had, and post-funk hang was excellent.

Right now, I am left with droopy eyes and an electric brain…the fault of stimulating theatre talk, too late at night, on roughly 4 hours sleep.

True story.

…All I can say for the moment is that few things make me happier than hearing another actor wax intensity on a show or role that happens to be a particular favorite. 

…I believe that passion, at it’s core, is the soul of who we are…(not “sex” passion. although there is a certain element of sexiness to it)…but obsessive passion…the kind that consumes you, makes you read everything that has been written on it, dedicate your creative energies to it, and delight over, crave, and feed it.

There is something about the conversation, fueled by fire, backed by artistic intent, that rials me up to want to read and study and prep more and more of these amazing scripts and roles. And it makes me hungry for the work of the stage more so.

….A thing I will get into tomorrow.  After a rest that assures better mental focus and eyes that stay open.

Till then, I wish you goodnight.



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