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Naughty Girl

26 Jun


After two years, I’ve added a new member to the family. 

…Jumping ship to Sprint, for the pure purpose of securing the specific phone I’ve been lusting for, (in a price range I can actually afford), she is now on her way to me.

…And will soon be making others lust after her as well.

…For I have built her a custom case…spending hours tonight, flipping through google pics for just the right image to grace it.

With a pour-out of Scotch, and the Julie London Pandora station on in the background for inspiration, I surfed to my little heart’s content, pulling and pimping pictures from classic films specifically…as I decided her sleek frame and saucy smarts insisted on it. 

Grant and Garbo, Davis and Dietrich…I spent a very enjoyable twenty minutes just on “Classic film kisses” (and highly suggest a decedent play time with that when you have a moment)…moving then into Hurrell’s portraits as a main focus, then full-out Noir.

Noir is where I remained the rest of the evening.

…Wonderful shots…shadows and smoke abounding.  God, they knew how to light in those days, and had these face that just slap you stupid with seduction.

…Which ushered in one of m’fav dames in the good ol’ MGM golden years of cinema. Someone I’d be totally cool with being when I grow up (minus the 3 husbands): Ava Gardner.

If you haven’t yet, you should watch her. Or, hell, even just look at her.

…If you hang around me much, you’ll have plenty of option to, now.  She’s been selected as the new poster girl for the newest family addition.

And as I name virtually everything, (further referring to it upon occasion in my blog), may I introduce you to the new kid in the house, and digital BFF: “Naughty Girl.”


…We are gonna get into SO much trouble together.  I can’t even wait.

…Especially leaving her face-down on every surface I can find, as a terribly titillating conversation starter. 

…Among other things.

(heh, heh.)


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