22 Jun


Castle n’ Beckett on the TV as I wrap up the end of a long day, with a rehearsal, a performance, and some late-night hang time with buds.

…Am an entire season behind.  I can’t believe I let it go this far. 

…Personally, I feel we have reached the time where I should chisel this makeup off my face, and hit the hay.

Early morning 5 am wakings sorta killed the R & R plans.  But tomorrow we’ve got a matinee, and I’ve got tix purchased Wednesday, for the Joss Whedon “Much Ado” at our art house, post-show tomorrow.

…I’ve only waited like a year for this is all.

…And totally was bummed for a week, missing out on the Seattle film panel premiere.

The battery is dieing on all my devises, as I sit in the farty chair, far from every outlet, trying to wrap this up so I can get these cloudy contacts out of my eyeballs.

Today’s first read was ridiculous hilarious, tonight’s show: terribly enjoyable, and the post-funk, a happy yay.

A good day, friends.  Hope yours was too 🙂



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