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Gwendolen & Cecily Mexi-Fro-Yo

16 Jun


This evening, Gwendolen invited Cecily over for some girl time. 

…This turned into six hours of multiple short walks, fajita cooking ventures, a fro-yo run, visiting a Hollywood celebrity, eating, watching part of a movie, swilling some wine, and talking about a lot of everythings.

Given how much they achieve in merely two-hours of stage time, it is to be expected that they can easily fill six additional hours with no problem in the least.

…And never manage to run out of conversation.

…Or cake.*

Opening week is now behind us. 

…I’m told we held at the initial weekend average attendance of 77%, putting us already in the black.  And only one of the reviews has come out.  So with the heavy press hit this week, we should be livin’ sweet come Thursday.  Patrons this weekend were buying out entire seating sections for bringing more people to see it again…which I think you will agree is a very good sign that we are on task for putting smiles on faces.

…And the people who don’t smile are prob’ly vegetarians anyway.*

Off now, for a bit of a rest.

…Our costumes, for a bit of a dry-clean.

And as Jack’s face is removed from everyone’s blouses, jackets, and trousers, the women breathe corset free for three whole days.* 

…Not that we mind the restrictions so much as the heat and hideous post-show markings they leave on our bodies. Like canvas-sacked prunes.

…Which is basically how I feel right now.

Back to the Pilates n’ walks again, starting tomorrow. 

…And (I suppose) start looking at the lines for the next show.

…But first: BED!  SLEEP!

And a Monday.


(* show joke entered here.)

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