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8 Jun

Costume parade and Q2Q, followed by post-rehearsal eats.

Tomorrow’s call is 10am…which in my case, includes both hair and makeup as there isn’t enough time or room to do them at the theatre.

Costumes worked well, final alterations and stitches being made tonight…super excited that my first act jacket that was quite snug a month ago in fitting, has ample arm and shoulder room now…thanks to the Pilates ball.

…My South Carolina flown-in Moire skirt material looks like a million bucks under the stage lights (so I’m told, perspective is rather skewed from where I stand, being in it.)

…Everyone looks so smart, its ridiculous.

All the stops were really brought out for this one in the costume department, and it has dotted the “I’s” and crossed all the “T’s” in the final definition of who these people are, what they care about, and the intent of things to follow. So much rich color, and everything dripping with excess of layers, that it’s good we weren’t given them three weeks ago, else we might have just stood there and let all the clothes and lines do all the work.

…Really, I feel by merely arriving on stage, 9/10th of my job is already done for me.

…And it’s good to have that kind of creative team on your side.

Not that we are going to go all limp now…we’ve got just as hard a climb ahead to keep up with how good it all looks and not let the show “wear” us, instead of using it as a tool. We’re good for it though. And I can’t wait to see what some of the physical flirtations and flourishes look like with the added silks and satins, beads and buckles, hats and handbags, being brough into the game.

Tomorrow: first dress.

…And now, this Gwendolen is off for a bit of a read, and some beauty sleep.

One must look one’s best for an interview with Earnest.


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