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Pretty People

16 May


Post rehearsal wind-down with “Zorro.”  The Banderas/Zeta-Jones one, before she was anyone in particular, and Anthony Hopkins was getting the main title billing.

…Oh how the time does fly.

I remember being obsessed with this movie when it first came out.  Only because Banderas was the most beautiful male animal I had ever seen in my life.

I was 18 at the time. 

I STILL think he is the most beautiful male animal I have ever seen.

…That will prob’ly never change.

…So, if you pair that together with sword fights and Tangos and men wearing eyeliner: I am a total gonner.

I dunno why.

…Maybe its the ONE part of that side of my heritage that poked though.

Oh dear God, the stable fencing scene just started.




Well, shit.

I need a cigarette, now.

…And I don’t even smoke.

“Pretty People.”

…There is just something about watching “pretty people” DOING things, that just undoes a person, am I right?

It’s hardcore, fascination to the smallest detail.

…I wonder if Melanie Griffith ever just sits there over her morning coffee and watches that ridiculously beautiful man, tuck into a stack of pancakes or something, and nearly dies of pleasure.

I would.

I certainly wouldn’t waste a whole morning by NOT watching him eat his pancakes.

…What kind of person would I be to just squander such riches, when so many other people (like the non-fantasy me) have such a total lack of daily morning eye candy to greet them?!

…Not that beauty is everything.

…But in this post, that’s what it’s gonna fucking be about!

…And in this post, it is STILL only like half of “everything.”  Cuz he’s a totally decent person, and great father, plus he plays music every day in his home recording studio.

…I know, thanks to former stalkings.

…So really, what ISN’T to like about this man, being all delicious on my TV screen right now?

…Plus, then they put him with that Welsh freak-of-mock-Latin genes, and make them dance and fight together and you just sorta wanna die with pleasure, really.  How can  you help it?  I can’t?  Have you SEEN this?!

(Motions to TV screen, emphatically.)

In a study of “beauty” just purely for “beauty’s” sake, “pretty people” are kind of like some sort of wild exotic animal at a zoo.  They are fascinating to watch, doing anything…I think because our every sensor is so completely awake to the fact that that (over there) is “different.”  Another breed of whathaveyou.  Not in the ways of individuality that the normals have.  In other ways that you can’t quite put your finger on.

…And “sex” is not even what it’s all about.

…Else how do you explain Audrey Hepburn?

Audrey Hepburn is one of  the most astonishing looking humans ever invented, and I wouldn’t put her and “sex” in the same paragraph, never mind the same sentence.

(Except for the fact that I totally just did.)

…I think there is a certain level of carriage, and atmos that comes with “pretty people.”  Self-manufactured, like a personal scent maybe? It’s like this whole pre-packaged deal.  And we can’t help but be pleased by the esthetic because…well…it is just so fucking pleasing to look at.  It’s a walking piece of art. And then if you put TWO “pretty people” together, it’s like an ORGY of art.

(Hence this lovely guilty pleasure of mine.)

It is just so PLEASING to SEE.  To watch them.  As they co-habitate.  And to contemplate in some fantasy world even spawning more new “pretty people,” with their high-end cocktail of a gene pool.

…I mean…not to be totally superficial or anything, but…


Fuck it.

It’s my damn blog. 

…I can be as superficial as I LIKE!

…To be totally superficial and everything: it is QUITE the pleasing end to a spotty (at best) day…to command some beautiful animals (totally at your remote’s will) to perform for you, just so you can have sheer pleasure, of watching them. 

Because: you said so.

God, I love movies.


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