Sleep Victory: Begins

10 May


So, I have a late morning rehearsal, and it is technically “tomorrow” even as we speak…(though it still counts as “yesterday” due to the fact that I haven’t been to bed yet.)

…In keeping with my schedule, this will (yet again) be “backdated.”

Finished a rehearsal of tango, Mozart-movement, and dialect, early, so motored down south to meet up with Marty for post-show drinks.  Got there by intermission, so hulled up over eats to work on lines for the “tea scene” until summoned, then joined up for post-show painting times as Marty SM’d her ass off, then off to Ben Moores, where the food is greasy, the kitchens are kept open late, and the actors drink enough to kill a horse.

Good times were had.

…Even met up with the Portland Burlesque Babe …a dear, whom I did “Elephant Man” with, many moons ago…and haven’t seen since.

Love me some theatre peep hang-time.  Even more so when it travels  the counties and states within the threshold of a single night.


Must now to “Bedfordshire.”

Oh pillow: so beautiful.  Bed: so willing to cuddle me to sleep.

Must remember to set the alarm.

…Saved (this time) from the 10 a.m. call roster.  Mine is at 11.

Ha! Ha!

Sleep-victory is MINE!



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