300 (& 6 Shots)

7 May


Today is SWAL’s 300th post since its inception, last June, with a little over 2 months remaining in the blog-a-day commitment.

I don’t have nearly an exciting enough life to have undertaken the challenge to begin with, but what the hell…I’ve almost made it anyhow, well over 10,000 readers have viewed it, tagged it, reposted it, shared it on FB, and now-and-then have left comments.

…And none of  that could have taken place if I didn’t make the commitment and go out of my way (frequently), to upkeep it.

So there, is that.

In Other News:  Insomnia hit hard last night.  Hours of wide-awake, with severe tossing and turning.  Seems to be the case with a lot of people across the last few nights, apparently.  Vicious-tired this morning.  The WHS Pimp, was also low on sleepage, and did a bikini-coffee run (he wasn’t wearing one, the baristas were) for some sugared-up insanity.  He brought me back a venti latte with six shots.

…It’s amazing how much “get up and go” a shit-ton of caffeine will give you.

The post-sugar crash is still on the horizon.  Prob’ly hitting sometime tomorrow.  I dunno.


…Need to carb up, then go for my walk, shower, and off to rehearsal, where the dueling engagement tea-party will commence. By far, my favorite scene.  It’s ridiculous.  And hilarious.  A love-hate-love relationship to last the ages.

…Off now to my last report of the day.

Freedom: you are just on the other side.  I can see you from here.  Wait for me, kay?


One Response to “300 (& 6 Shots)”

  1. prewitt1970 May 8, 2013 at 9:07 am #

    Somehow I managed to un-follow 😦 Noooooo can’t live without my swal
    Xx have a wonderful day. West coast blog your this summer 😉

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