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Errands, With Applesauce Donuts

16 Apr


Ma was craving cake donuts after work, “not those fake Krispy Kream kind,” so we motored towards Lakewood to the best shop I know. 

…I got a tiny applesauce one…even though I have no business eating any donuts at all, but reasoned it was the healthiest type…on account of the fruit involved, and being baked, not fried.

…Who am I kidding?

(No one.)

…Then it was onto Bed, Bath & Beyond to tinker with toys I can’t afford to actually buy…followed by Target, where I got one of  every cleaning supply, hygienic body care product and a box of hair dye.

My life is just a whirlwind of fascination, you guys.

Having tapped into Ma’s vein and addicted her to Call the Midwife, at last, there were more episodes of those to watch after, and now I’m back home again…fighting the cleaning product fumes, ready for bed.

Exhausted days keep adding up.

I suppose if there was a break in there anywhere…just one whole day and night off…it would ease up. 

But such is life.

…So we plug on.


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