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Death Of Internets & Raw Cheerios

3 Apr


An incredibly boring lunch of raw Cheerios on a paper towel. 

…From the lobby, two pastries…still in the box from yesterday…keep staring at me.  Every time I pass, I verbally abuse them.  Finally, by around noon, I couldn’t take it anymore, so shoved them to the other side of the coffee pot, and stacked all the coffee condiments on top, like a tower of visual obstruction.  Can still see the fuckers peeking out from the side of  the plastic shield topper.

…I hate you New-Contractor-who-brought-them-in-to-try-and-butter-me-up.  I really hate you.

Zero bonus points earned.  Displeasure, increased to 110%.

I have not folded. 

I will not. 

…After two days, nothing is going to take my pastry virginity away from me.  That would just be stupid at this point. Like having it off for the first time with a Prostitute.


God.  My hormones. 

…Admittedly, a little wonky, at the moment.

Maybe some more coffee…


(sips at coffee…now cold.)

Finished Call The Midwife, Season 2, while printing reports.

…It’s even stronger than the last one.  And my favorites all have special awesome bits to play with in plot and character development.  It’s good when your “friends” get more to do and show off their talents in.

The internet keeps freezing.

…Reset the server three times today, and nothing seems to be working.

…Prob’ly cuz I used the microwave again. To heat up my last cold coffee.

…Which somehow interrupts our signals being that the wire hook-ups are all on the wall, just above it. Which means that (no doubt) the mere action of heating up some water for a cup of tea will end up shorting something-or-other to the thinga-ma-jigger and burn the entire place to the ground, by accident, one day.


No WHS Pimp today.

…He’s been driving since 3am doing drops all day, from the Canadian Border, back, to the peninsula and fuck-all.

Don’t tell anyone, but I kinda miss him.

…It’s nice to have the office quiet again for a change, but he does have a way of using total political inappropriateness to take the edge off a shitty day. Like all the things that could get you fired in any other office environment, that we just openly flaunt back and forth to each other all day, because I’m a filthy-minded theatre-heathen, and he’s a boy.

…It’s kind of amazing how much steam that combo can let off in the course of a day, when given the kind of ammo we are. Daily.

Tonight: More rehearsal. In fact nothing but, except for Saturday, until after we open.

…Which is in 9 days. Preview in 8.

In my humble opinion: we are not ready.

…Not that we are supposed to be at this point, but sometimes one is, and it’s nice when that happens. This case just means we have harder work ahead.

Our Tech, (for reasons unknown) will not officially begin until Sunday. Which, by total irony, coincides exactly with Holocaust Remembrance Day. A fitting task to be undertaking at that time, don’t you think?

…Meanwhile, my wardrobe keeps changing rather drastically, and I’ve only seen the costumer twice ever, so have no idea what my current costume plot is. Which sorta really bites, as we’ve been given permission to start using costumes to help time stage changes, only I can’t because I don’t know what I’m wearing, when. So it’s still the mime-phase for me.

Here’s hoping for more info soon.

…I don’t mind stripping down to my knickers on stage, from 3 to 5 layers, but it would be nice to figure out some sort of contingency plan before a literal audience sits staring at me doing it.


…And you just shut up, you lobby pastries! I can hear you whispering from here.




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