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Run Away To Happy-Land

1 Apr


I need a break.

…I need a break like a shipwrecked , solitary survivor of a major boating travesty, needs water.


…I need water.

Water comes in the form of side-tracking my exhausted-sleep-depraved-month-end-numbered brain.

…It also comes from England.

English water is the best kind.

…Although prob’ly not literally.

…Have you seen the Thames, live?!

I have.

…And how much do I hold that against them? 

Not at all. 

Not even a little.

I love their freakin’ water.

…”Water” in this case meaning, “Escapism.”

So, I’m goin’ swimmin’ in it.

Right. Now:

English Theatre I Would Rather Be Watching Live Right Now, Instead Of Almost Everything Else I Am Currently Doing With My Life

If you wanted to buy me an early Birthday present, any of the following would spin my top with joy.  In case you happen to have a bunch of bucks, just laying around:

* Judi Dench, Ben Wishaw (The Hour), and Ruby Bentall (Lark Rise) in Peter & Alice at the Noel Coward Theatre, through June.
(About the 1932 meeting of the woman who inspired “Alice in Wonderland” and the man who inspired “Peter Pan.”)

* Helen Mirren in The Audience at the Gielgud Theatre , through June.
(Mirren takes on the Queen again, in a series of private audiences, across her rein, with all 12 of her PMs. **Olivier Nominee for Best Actress**)

* James McAvoy and Claire Foy (Little Dorrit) in Macbeth at Trafalgar Studios I, through April.
(A Scotsman PLAYING The Scotsman! Shut up!)

* Rupert Everett in The Judas Kiss at The Duke of Yorks Theatre, through April.
(Oscar Wilde, his arrest, and imprisonment **Olivier Nominee for Best Actor**)

* Rowan Atkinson in Quartermain’s Terms, at Wyndham’s Theatre, through April.
(A hopeless English Teacher for Foreigners, and his co-Cambridge colleagues, across several years of time.)

* Anna Chancellor (The Hour) and Toby Stephens (Jane Eyre — also, Maggie Smith’s son) in Private Lives at the Gielgud Theatre, through September.
(Ra for Coward!)

* Deborah Findlay (Cranford) in The Winslow Boy, through May.
(A father’s fight to clear his son’s name in a theft under the spotlight of heavy media.)

* Jude Law as Henry V at the Noel Coward Theatre through February.
(I want! I want!)

* Kristin Scott Thomas, Rufus Sewell (The Holiday) in Old Times At the Harold Pinter Theatre, through April.
(Darkly erotic drama of conflicting memories of a trio of friends across years of time.)

* David Tennant as Richard II at the Barbican Theatre, through January.
(Yes, please.)

* Ciaran Hinds (Jane Eyre) in The Night Alive, at the Donmar Warehouse, through July.
(A shyster, a chance meeting, a complicated lifestyle.)

* Dervla Kirwan (Ballykissangel) in The Weir at the Donmar Warehouse, through June.
(A pub, a stranger, chilling stories of the past.)

* Imogene Stubbs (Twelfth Night) in Third Finger, Left Hand at Trafalgar Studios II, through April.
(Two sisters, an attempt of reconciliation, reliving the turbulent upbringing that tore them apart.)


I want.

I want badly.

…Back to the lonely, thirsty island, I go.


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