29 Mar


This work day has been for-shit since it first began. 

…The sun has been screaming at me from outside, all day…and knowing that I’ll eventually be joining it, has been all that has kept me going. 

That they can slow down, but not “add” hours to the day…is the only way everyone is making it out alive, in the end.  I swear, a couple of times, the clock was even trying to move backwards, but I’m totally onto that asshole’s games.  I slapped it around a little, and it finally stopped dragging it’s feet by about 2pm, and continued in a forward-reaching trajectory at last.

…Not quickly, mind you, but at least with steady, constant, motion.

With days like this, who needs enemies?

All I know is that now, we are at T-minus 11 minutes to shutting this whole place down and getting the hell out of here.  This is all that matters to me.  Not even that my entire paycheck I got today, has been spent on rent and gas-cards. All of it.  I’m not joking.  Not even a little bit.

…But who cares?

Screw paychecks!

I’m going to not be here in — now — 9 minutes!

This is all that matters, my friends!!

…This is all!!!


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