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And Not A #$@% Was Given That Day

22 Mar


I knew ahead of time that this was gonna be “a day.”  Only cuz at 6:00 last night, WHS Pimp (who had been working since 4 am) texted me the following:

“FYI: tomorrow, absolutely no fucks will be given. At all.”

…It’s another show-opening day on the road, plus payday, plus Boss (as usual) is MIA.

…And by 1:52 our pay packets still have not arrived. They are due by 10 am.  No one at Corporate is answering the phone, and Boss won’t respond to text, vm or email.

…That’s a looooot of pissed off contractors that’ll be screaming his way come 4:00, when I book it the hell outta here and no one responds to their phone calls.

It’s been a hardcore paperwork-hell of a week.  98 contracts in the first three days.  We are booked out through the second week of April, with 31 jobs on hold.  Which will just make it more fun in April and May as we quadruple up on these poor bastards who are already pulling double-duty.

…At least it’s decent weather today…

…And speaking of: I’m gonna be taking a long walk in that sexy atmos, directly after work.  Maybe to the water.  Grab it while it’s hot!

…Which it technically isn’t.  But “sunny” is good enough for me.  Even with a wind chill factor of “holy shitfuck!”

Two. More. Hours. To. Go.

Why are Friday afternoons always so endless?

Back to m’last two reports of the week, with “Time Gentlemen Please” streaming in the background.  It’s perfect for today. Totally inappropriate language, and content, as a prime example of when we reach the limit of just no longer giving a ripping fuck.

Which, I don’t.


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