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Less Chunk

13 Mar


Am strangely content, shoving plain cream of wheat with a dab of clover honey down my throat, while paper-working this morning.

…This is totally only cuz I finally broke my weight holding-pattern this morning, and dropped past the 10 pound marker.

11.5 pounds down.

…Which brings me back to the weight I was, exactly this time last year…

…With 8.5 more pounds to go.

It’s been a grueling enterprise.  But with it comes a lot of benefits.  Such as: I’m less fat. My underwear feel less like strangulation torture devises. And I’m a lot less clumsy now, reaching back to working with the body I knew for all those years…before ballooning out. 

…Where this is a “bother” in day-to-day life, (accumulating extra bruises and getting wedged into tight quarters that didn’t used to be so tight), it is a MAJOR set-back on stage, where even your walk and total use of body instrument are seriously restricted and awkward.  I had to reinvent physical ways of doing things…and not in the “good” way…which particularly in comedy, makes a huge difference in speed and precision.  Also, corsets SUUUUUUCK with extra heft…I’m well versed in ’em and would know. Trust me.

Having  reached this halfway marker in pound-loss, is like getting to re-open my old tool kit again…and go back to using the toys I’ve collected along the years.  My old familiar friends.

…It’s also like beating a Boss in a video game, unlocking new wardrobe levels!

At last, new jeans! Well not “new” new, but new “ain’t been worn in like a year” new.

…This is why you NEVER throw clothes out when you gain poundage. And why you ALWAYS throw clothes out when you shrink.

To say, “I’m never going back to that weight again,” is all well and good, but if your willpower can’t manage it, your belt buckle will certainly help when it starts cutting off your circulation and you have no “next size ups” to graduate into.

…Least that’s my theory.

I’ve never ever been as fat as I was before. So this is a new concept I just made up…still in its beta phase. By all means: feel free to test it with me.

Meanwhile: I’ve 29 new contracts to work out today, the newest “Once” to catch up on (before Marty hyperventilates with hysteria waiting to talk about it with me), some Hanukkah and Ashkenazi Jewish research to do, and a work and run of Act 2, Scene 2 ahead.

…Better get back to it.


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