Screw The Bed To The Floor, And Have At It

10 Mar



…Tonight, a great part of them included the Van Daan digs. A small platform, a chair, a chest of drawers, enough standing room to change in, and a bed.

…A bed that sleeps two, five feet off the ground, hanging in space, and is screwed to the floor so as to not fall off.

First off there’s no room for a real bed, so we tried three versions across three rehearsals, with different sized plywood boards on 2×4 supports. We swapped head directions, checked sightlines up skirts, tried furniture re-arrangements, tag-teaming mattress time, and ultimately ended today by picking sides like any married people must, jumping into bed, and dealing with it.

…Sort of.

…Apparently, Mrs. VD likes the “wall” like me, (one hopes I don’t accidentally roll past it, one night), is grateful that her spouse doesnt snore, and hopes to God they figure out some kind of padding tween now and opening. Am not exactly ancient, but spending the better part of an entire scene with m’bones digging into the plywood still leaves much to be desired.

…Damn those dodgy Frank’s and their spring-mattress roll-out bed…

Fake sleep envy. It exists. But only in the theatre.



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