Saving The Day

9 Mar


Daylight Savings. 

…Such a monster amount of twaddle. 

Springing forward?!  Why?  It’s a useless enterprise in this day and age, and everyone always gripes about it when it comes ’round again.

…I feel that this will never change.

(I am somewhat pacified with the realization that I fit “twaddle” into my general bitching, though.)

…This is 100% due to having spent a perfectly brilliant sunny day, totally inside, festing “Vicar of Dibley.” 

Because I could. 

Tomorrow, I’ll go out and join the world…and then I’ll go to rehearsal. 

But today, I chose Dawn French and Richard Curtis, instead.

…A walk certainly wouldn’t have killed me.  And I’d prob’ly be legitimately tired right now, instead of “fake tired,” from being lazy all day.  But I worked out my brain and guts with laughter a lot…and that’s what was needed most in the scheme of things. 

So: yay me.

…At least I fit a shower in.  Late, but it was before dinner, so shut up about it.

…I even shaved.

Adios, cactus legs.

…See. I did something today. 

It wasn’t a total wash…



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