Like A Burger, I Want It My Way

5 Mar


After building twenty contracts today, I decided to blow off the rest of the day by endlessly screwing with m’blog design.

…It never looks the way I really want it to.

The only thing I miss about ye olde days of Blogger, was that you could pimp the hell outta these things, any way you wanted, without upgrade paying, without monthly dues, without the restrictions of tiny lettering here, ugly colors there, zero header options, and crappy backgrounds. 

…This was the same reason I mourned the forsaking of MySpace for Facebook, once upon a time.

Why cannot the people with the digital interfacing toys let us have our way? 

Why do they think they know better than us on how we want to interact with others and express ourselves? 

…Especially on something as social and individual as a blog.

Give us our aesthetic freedom!

…Yeah, I know you offer this platform, this storage, this face-page to us for free…but you are making shit-tons of money on us via ads, bumpers, imbeded commercials, and god knows what all-else…don’t tell me you’re the one doing all the charity, here.

All I want is a page with good font, set at a pitch that people can actually read, with pictures that are centered when they load (not random-focusing on a right eye and left boob), a background that isn’t choppy, ugly, or so busy you can’t read anything, with ample space for my header.

…Now, is that too much to ask?

…After like an hour-and-a-half dicking around in the themes section to try and find this, I’m here to tell you straight up: apparently, it is.



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