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She Goes Full Nerd

2 Mar


Harriet had a very busy day, putting miles on her ticker. Now that we’re home again (for the final time today), we are both pooped and read for PJs.

…Soon to bed for us, but not before a fat “Congrats” to The Fella and Co. for their SOLD OUT performance of tonight’s “Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged”…which as a second-stage show (with only three people in it) has now out-shown all the main-stage ones of the season there.

Was a time, (when I first started working at that theatre, 13 years ago), when selling out was the norm. But time, economy and politics have changed much over the years, and this is an outstanding achievement for them to see in that house these days…and am so happy n’ damn proud to have it be some of “m’boys” who dun did it!

…Meanwhile, I’m exhausted from extra-nerding, by having visited a Comic book shop twice in the past 24 hours,  purchasing my first complete set of D&D dice, and playing something like four hours of an ongoing campaign.  I still understand only the basics, but since realizing that the role-play differs very little from acting, and that the more you study your character, the better you get: I’ve  managed to isolate some awesome stuff I can do, and make a few kills here and there.

I’m a level 4 Thief, btw. And my stealth kicks your stealth’s ass.  Also, my acrobatics. And, besides my Dungeon Wisdom of 12, Intuitive 8, basic Melee of 11 (with stealth 4 bonus), I just gained a crossbow with +7 2D6 damage.

…And even still, tonight with 4 players, we spent 80% of our time fighting a single troll. 

Fucker just would NOT DIE. 

Everyone took hits but me, because I kept hiding from the sonofabitch, finally getting within two spaces of him, before he’d off and attack someone else, halfway across the damn room.  Which meant I spent all night chasing that bastard with very little affect, and even the Wizards took a gillion hits before the damage even remotely started to beat on him.

P.S. that whole last section?  The fact I knew what I was talking about?  It just made Marty shit her pants with glee.  She’s my D&D Godmother/Sponsor/Cherry-Popper…and she’s very insistent that everyone know that.  Especially the people who have been trying to get me at a game table for like 15 years.

…Not that she’s showing off…

…But, (and I believe this is her direct quote): “Suck it, monkeys! Pllllbbbbppppt!”

(Or something closely resembling that.)

Try not to be bitter, though.

…At one point, I forgot to stealth, using a passive action, while almost catching on fire from a previous spell already cast for damage, on adjoining squares of a pissed off dude, who gave me like 20 damage on attack of opportunity. 

That was my first day. 

But still. 

…Obviously, she’s got a lot of fucking work ahead of her…


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