The Karen Drinking Game

1 Mar


It’s my free night off from diet foodage.

Marty and I are post-show funking at my house, while festing “Will & Grace,” season two. 

…I am constantly yelling sexual things about Will’s pecks and shoulders in those tight sweaters, Marty is fawning over Grace’s hair…we both laugh at Just Jack, and bow down to the over all genius and magnificence that is: Karen.

…The bitch has got it goin’ on. In just every realm of everything.

…Which is what happens when you get Megan Mullally to do something.

We are currently on a short break, while Marty smokes, and I blog. We are approximately half way (I’d say) through the Karen Walker Drinking Game, which is exactly as it sounds in that you drink whenever she does.  Here are the rules:

1. You must announce each swig with, “Drink!” and then do so.

2. There are no penalties for extra drinking.

3. You must have at least one glass of water for every two of wine (because some people have rehearsals tomorrow. Those “some people” are not me, but it is still a good idea.)

4. Neither one  of us can get so sloshed that we can’t complete our required blog quota for the night.

5. In the words of Karen: “Do this like any respectable woman, lay on your back, point your heels to Jesus and think of handbags!”


…My God. If Karen ever had an an oversea trip and met up with Patsy and Eddie in “Ab-Fab”,  my life would finally be complete.

Smoke break is over kids. 

…Back to the game.



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