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Chewing On A Pepto

20 Feb


I dunno what the hell happened ‘tween an hour ago and now, but my tummy is doin’ aerobics.  All I ate was a burrito with black beans and some odds and ends from the fridge.

…Bet it was the “ends.” Those bastards always get you.

…Anyway, sitting here now, slamming some fuzzy water and trying to settle it all down. 

Have table work tonight, then off til Sunday evening for our first blocking rehearsal.  This theatre has no alternate rehearsal space we will be using, so they have to book us around  the show already on stage…which puts us at odd call-times, with weird days off…rehearsing in what is now a hunting lodge with every kind of stuffed and killed bird and animal you can imagine, staring down on us.

So, no pressure.

Am watching Downton re-runs now, trying to kill the ick in my guts, then brush up a bit on character specs before I head on out up north. 

…Oh tummy…behave, would you? Please.  I’ve got stuff to do.  It’s all but the banana and coffee I gave you today.  And I can’t make it on less.

Oh guts.  Oh, my guts…



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