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A Quote To Work By

18 Feb


Today, mid-study, I found a particular quote about “life” that astounds me so much, under such drastic circumstances, that there is nothing I can contribute to it, only honor it and the voice who made it.  Thought I’d share, as I begin on a new journey of work and life, and you start on and continue your own.

It’s something to think about:


“One day this terrible war will be over. The time will come when we’ll be people again and not just Jews!

Who has inflicted this on us? Who has set us apart from all the rest? Who has put us through such suffering? It’s God who has made us the way we are, but it’s also God who will lift us up again. In the eyes of the world, we’re doomed, but if, after all this suffering, there are still Jews left, the Jewish people will be held up as an example. Who knows, maybe our religion will teach the world and all the people in it about goodness, and that’s the reason, the only reason, we have to suffer. We can never be just Dutch, or just English, or whatever, we will always be Jews as well. And we’ll have to keep on being Jews, but then, we’ll want to be.

Be brave! Let’s remember our duty and perform it without complaint. There will be a way out. God has never deserted our people. Through the ages Jews have had to suffer, but through the ages they’ve gone on living, and the centuries of suffering have only made them stronger. The weak shall fall and the strong shall survive and not be defeated!

…I know what I want, I have a goal, I have opinions, a religion and love. If only I can be myself, I’ll be satisfied. I know that I’m a woman, a woman with inner strength and a great deal of courage! If God lets me live…I’ll go out into the world and work for mankind!

I now know that courage and happiness are needed first!”

~Anne M. Frank
2 years, 3 months, 5 days into hiding
Age 14


…Thanks, Anne.

With love and genuine admiration,

From: A bitching, self-centered, asshole who forgets (a lot of the time), how phenomenally blessed and lucky she is.


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