Gov’ment Papers & Study Time

5 Feb


Just finished filing m’taxes, after crawling through a year of well-organized receipts and trying to get them into all the correct online filing boxes.  Am so glad Ma is better at finances and math stuffs or this past two hours woulda turned into the next 20.

…Also, I’ve got a pork roast in the Crock Pot…and some studying to do…as I’ve got a callback for tomorrow and wanna make sure I’m boned up on everything I need to have ready on-call, for whatever sides they feel like throwing at me.

…While trying to age about ten years.

It’s been a long time since I read Anne Frank’s diary…can’t remember the last time actually…but it’s a sad delight to be revisiting it again today 🙂

Such a piece of astounding history.

…Off to enjoy it’s special wonders and horrible truths, now.

Happy almost-Wednesday, all.

~ D

2 Responses to “Gov’ment Papers & Study Time”

  1. Cotton Boll Conspiracy February 8, 2013 at 7:30 am #

    Beyond the hindsight of knowing what will happen to Anne Frank, and her remarkable ability to endure much of the hardships that she and her family had to bear for so long, I am struck again and again by her astonishing talent as a writer. So perceptive for one so young. I am glad many schools have made her book required reading but I sometimes wonder how much impact it has today in a society that is rapidly approach post-literacy, what with texting, emails and such.

    • She Writes A Little February 10, 2013 at 1:53 am #

      Completely agree with you on her legacy of historical significance, and artistic ability…and would like to hope that it still reaches kids today with the impact that it obliterated me with when I read it for the first time. Despite the changing of the times, I think (like most all historic documents) it will continue to do it’s work and reach out beyond the cheapened other forms of communication in written, typed and texted form… if for nothing else than that people…teenagers…even in 70, 100, 130 years, don’t change as much as one would think. The same emotional rollercoaster and onset of hormones and desires to be free of their parents, and wanting to branch out and be their own people, and think of the other generations before them as so backward and our-of-date…that never changes. Its something every teenager will always have in common with her, and as long and she can click in with them at that level, the kids will listen, and read, and realize the truth of what she wrote about, first on just the basic “human” level, and then: from that moment of haunted history.

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