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So, That’s Done

23 Jan


We have completed now (one hopes) the remainder of the car drama.

Harriet was picked up yesterday (per schedule)…paid for with an uber loan check, tabs were updated today, and she’s got some new oil and good gas is in her belly.  After a gutting like that, I’m sure she’s happy to be home and huddled with her friends in the neighborhood, tucked into the curb all safe and sound.

…And about damn time.

…And just IN time for one night off without worries before launching back into the shows again.  Which are NOT a “worry,” only the part about how I get to and from there.

So things are looking up.

…And yes, I know I sound like a broken record.  But this is called “trying”…so bare with me, huh.

In the meantime, Corporate is back again…so that brought everyone but Boss in bright and early.  Contracts keep rolling in, though the bulk of the build dates have been pushed by customers deep into Spring.  We already don’t have enough spaces on the calendar to accommodate that…which means that 3-4 months from now when they want their stuff by “next Tuesday” it sooooo ain’t gonna happen. 

…I’ll just Scarlet O’Hara that away for another day.  I’ve got enough crap to worry about.

…But not tonight. 

Tonight I will keep playing this stupid “Draw Something” game that I am secretly now addicted to…and watch some Telly, and check on The BFF, and give Niles and Daphne a long-awaited bath.

…And then I will change my pillow case.

…And then I will go to bed.

The end.

Until next time…

…With the Further UnAdventures of SWAL.

(check your local listings for show times)


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