Crib Of Books

14 Jan


Am watching “Person of Interest,”  with the same enthusiasm as a chain smoker sporting a carton of Marlboro’s. 

It’s a little ridiculous.  

…Crushing hard on the writing and plots and formulas and quirks.  The actors ain’t bad either 😉

Currently being killed by the “baby” episode, where two suits change diapers, build a crib out of books, take her on stake-outs in a snuggle-buddy, accidentally lose her and find her playing with smoke grenades, then bicker like a married couple about it.

It’s only like, the best thing ever, is all.

…The other “best thing ever” is catching up with The BFF via IM, while trading episode quotes with JM about the show, and wearing sweats, with m’feet up for the first night in…well…a long while.

No rehearsal. No tech. No lines to learn. Nowhere I need to be.

…I’m not crazy about all that as a full-time gig, but I’ll happily take it every once in a while. A rest is good. For my brains. And at some point, I need to get back into the Yoga regime again. Actually: tonight. Tonight, I’m gonna get back into the Yoga regime. A good 30 minute session before bed, I think. Sweat out all the past week worth of residual emo “stuffs” that DIDN’T get all snotted out…take a long shower, and start getting some better sleep.

Not great lately, to be truthful. But I blame car and financial stress at least as much as the show.

It’ll be good to get more centered again.

So here’s to that.


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