Tech Begins

5 Jan


Hello civilians, it’s the morning of Boot Camp…aka: Q-to-Q.

Hell Week is now officially upon us once again…turning the entire theatre into a film set.

…Everyone but Tech, does a shit-ton of sitting and standing around waiting while that light gets refocused, this sound cue is timed out, furnishings are set, spiked, re-set, entrances are taken over and over again, and everyone forgets their lines because we do things like jump three pages on a “go” with an instant cue where if you fuck it up, everything has to re-set at their marks with sound, actors and lights, to do it again.  So of course you screw it up, and the tech people try not to be bitchy to you, even though last night at dry tech everything worked out perfectly and the show would obviously be infinitely better if one could figure out how to do it all without the actors.

True story.

…To top it off, the entire cast family that was able, thence motored to eats at the local Applebees, where worlds collided and we bonded…the younger peoples giving far too many “awesome points” to their elders as we talked shop, jewelry, acting, general “life” matters, and bogarting all the nacho cheese sauce.

(The Redhead wins.)

…Meanwhile, the “adults” rapidly lost “coolness” as the evening progressed, whilst prob’ly voicing inappropriate statements at random…which we just tossed up to being, “the same liberal education that we were raised on, and it didn’t hurt us any!”

Welcome to the theatre, kids.

Four Long Islands later, I’m gonna go to bed now.

To our table of lovelies: judge us with compassion. We meant well.

…Also…(no shit)…we are uber proud of you, kicking ass and taking names on that stage, nightly. And we can’t wait for people to see your work in this whole new light.

Shutting up, and going to bed now…



2 Responses to “Tech Begins”

  1. Erik Browne January 6, 2013 at 2:56 am #

    Great start. I look forward to hearing more of your musings. You are hard worker and quite talented.

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