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A Break

30 Dec


Delighted day of a break from emo worlds of blubbering, and snotting on a stage, as well as paper-working, adult babysitting and all the other fun stuff it is my privilege in life to do.

I washed dishes today and did laundry.  That’s about the extent of how far I was willing to go.

Now I’m looking at (hopefully) a full night’s rest…uninterrupted by strange dreams, or alarm clocks…followed by a double run of Act I on set for the first time…followed by a whoppin’ New Years Eve celebration of yay…followed by the beginning of a New Year that will be stellar-amazing.  I can already tell, ahead of time.

…Because I am gonna MAKE it that way.

And speaking of “stellar:” shout out to “K” and “A” the newly engaged, and “J” the recently Birthday’d.  I miss you guys like mad, and look forward (with drool) to the day that we can all sit around and catch up on the million-and-one life things that have happened with the latter part of this year.

Meanwhile: twelve days to Opening.

Time to dig the spurs in and go for it.


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