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28 Dec


Just got outta seein’ the mind-blowing Cirque du Soliel: Worlds Away in 3D, with the whole Les Mis intensity still in my head from two days ago.  In short: my creative juices are full and wanna play with renewed fierceness. So its good that I have something to do that with then, am I right??

…Done now striking all m’Christmas stuffs, some cleaning tomorrow and I’ll be ready for a house invasion on New Years Eve, post an awesome rehearsal…cuz I just decided it was gonna be.

For now: m’tummy is full of chicken gnocci soup, and the intense need for some PJ pants and a mug o’ tea. So I’m gonna go tend to that and watch “MIB 3” in ridiculous clarity on my new toy.

Life is good!

All hail: 3-day-weekend, part two.


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