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Suspicious Calendars

20 Dec


An inauspicious day of empty happenings, which will be a damn shame if it turns out to be the last one on this planet.

…Australia and Europe are still here though, so it gives me some hope.

Up until two A.M. doing lesson plans with Marty for a director-sanctioned boot camp we will be teaching the girls in the show, this Saturday before the run. 

(How very “Method” of us.) 

…I’ll be taking History, Women of the Period and General Ed.  We will tag-team in physical warm-ups, confidence building games, and bonding exercises, then Marty will take over for Deportment and Movement.  We have a slug of teenagers wearing Uggs with no possible reason to understand how to sit or walk properly within the period, so this we will teach to them.  Directly followed by our first full run of the show for the designers…at which time they will see (for the first time) what a full snot-fest of hysterics we can be.

…The idea is to get them to like and trust us before that happens, otherwise we are just fucking doomed.

…Course, we could be doomed at any point tomorrow, as well. 

I feel it was rather lazy (and sloppy) of the Mayans not to be more specific with this whole Apocalypse thing.  I mean, I don’t even know if I should plan for lunch and dinner or what?

…Also I’ve been reading, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” since Monday…basically for ironic purposes, just in case.

…And I have to say, it WAS nice to get those three separate  FB invites to “The End Of The World.”

As if I would miss it?

Guess we’ll find out.

See you on the flip side.

…Or not.

…But prob’ly, yeah.


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