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11 Dec


I’m gonna set today’s blog as a placeholder for tomorrow. 

Too much to process tonight, too tired to do it, and I’ve still face-washing and Yoga to tend to. 

…Lets just say: Did a job today, and did some stuff tonight.  Mostly involving crying and peeing.  I blame the Gatorade.

…Also, a lot of free emotional cleansing.

I’m tired.

Marty n’ I had fun chats over vino and laughed lots with our favorite waitress (a regular)…so now to settle down a bit and start featuring in some sleepy time.

Meanwhile: The BFF and I had fun chats before, IM-ing over dinner about our general plans to take over the world…whilst I ate a concoction made of kiolbassa, carrots, potatoes and cabbage in a sorta onion broth. Which means I basically spent all of rehearsal smelling like an old Polish woman with winsome Irish farting inclinations, sobbing and snotting to excess.

…So it’s good that Marty knows me well. 

Or this night coulda totally killed the whole “romantic” thing our show is so intently pressing.

…Poor, poor Martha.

I feel, (somehow) she is doomed.


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