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10 Dec


…Am so close to being off-book, that I wanna throw a party. 

…Not a big one, but big enough.

I must celebrate  the fact that even before we’ve finished blocking, I’m two pages from flinging the script out of reach whenever I’m on stage.  This will help immensely, and most of all tomorrow…when we’re booked to block the entire final reveal scene which is just reams and reams of emo monologues in quick succession.

“Ha-Ha!,” says I to the helpless beat-up, tear-stained, finger-printed, note-scrawled, mint-colored Dramatist script sitting here beside me.  “I am soon to retire you back to the mines, where off-stage picking and chewing takes place.” 

…”No more juggling you and props in-hand!”

…”No more turning one too many pages, or losing my place, mid-fight, and having to stop everything to find it again!”

…”Soon!  Very soon!  Tonight, in fact…it will all be a thing of the past!”

…Which gives me now a little less than five weeks in dedicated play time.  Off stage, will still be mining it’s notes and contents…and making more of them, but the fact that the only part about this entire acting experience that I don’t like, is practically over with now, makes me wanna do a virtual happy dance, and sock the air repeatedly. To the Rocky theme.

(I do so, here.)


In Other News: Our Seasonal slowdown at work, since Thanksgiving, is now being marked in a race run by banana slugs.  $200K down in three weeks, as our contractors start raking the area for little house repairs and bathroom renovations, to make ends meets.  Happens every year, and has obviously given me lots of time to focus on show stuff. But, with the dark outsides, and constant rain-rain-rain, and no one around the office even to grab the occasional contract, or load a truck…it makes for very long days. 


…Like you could stream an entire miniseries on Netflix in the background and STILL not fill it.

As welcome as this sounds from where I’m sitting right now, (after so much new contract rush this year, and all these lines I had to learn), in about two-weeks max, I’m gonna be pacing the lobby floor.  Because you can really only do so much “quiet-but-still-need-to-be-here,” at a time.  At some point you just can’t take anymore webisodes, your eyeballs start to burn from reading so many books…in 8-hour chunks at a time…staying awake becomes what you are actually in fact, getting paid for…and you have nothing at all to even bitch about in your blogs anymore.

A travesty.

…But it’s December.  And that’s how we roll in the Brothel industry.

…So I guess I’ll go back to that one book then. 

See you tomorrow. Same time, same station.


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